The Pedestrian Bridge Fall Crossing

Saturday, October 16th, 2010 - On this windy afternoon, my friend, Jose Patio,
  and I walked across the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge* to the Council Bluffs'
  Riverfront Trail and back to Heartland of America Park, with a walk over the
  railroad line. We notices the Missouri River water lever is High.
Iowa Tower Light Omaha Skying from Council Bluffs' Riverfront Trail Nebraska tower 'vibrating' Tie Back in Omaha topic Official: Missouri River Pedestrian Bridge has discussing & photos of the Construction.
   *An Wikipedia article

To Bridge - We walked north thru Lewis and Clark Landing from parking lot under I-480.
  The Riverfront Place's  Second Tower is under construction behind / north of the Nebraska Bridge Tower / Pylon.

PA160964 PA160965 PA160967 PA160968_Alt PA160969_Alt PA160971_Alt
 The view across the Lewis & Clark Marina, North & East Across the path from the National Park Service Parking Lot
PA160976 PA160977 PA160979 PA160981 PA160984 PA160987
Bridge reflection Wild river! Sunglass reflection Under the Bridge Bike Rack up the spiral

To Iowa - We hiked the bridge over the Missouri River from the Omaha Landing Spiral.

PA160989 PA160991 PA160993 PA160995 PA160997
IA & NE Pylon Spiral Reflection   View toward Iowa River traffic
PA160998 PA160999 PA161001 PA161002 PA161003
Nebraska Pylon ... ... Its north side lighting Mid-River overlook & seating
PA161004 PA161005 PA161007 PA161008 PA161010
  Iowa Side Pylon   Low Sun & Skyline

In Council Bluffs We walked south on the Riverfront Trail for short distant
  there is no photos of the Playland Park redevelopment on the east side of the trail.

PA161013 PA161011   PA161014 Jose Patio At
bridge Landing
View of the Omaha Skyline over the
River's Edge Park unfinished Great Lawn

To Nebraska We hiked back over the Missouri River to the Omaha landing.
The Riverfront Place's Second Tower is under construction right of the Nebraska Bridge Tower / Pylon.

PA161015 PA161020 PA161024 PA161026 PA161028 PA161029
Omaha Skyline View of Riverfront Place's two towers  
PA161031 PA161035 PA161036 PA161038 PA161039
  State Line

  Iowa Pylon
Vibrating Ties Omaha Spiral New Stadium view  

Back in Omaha - We walked south and over the railroad line to the Heartland of America Park.

PA161040 PA161043 PA161046 PA161049 Down the Omaha
landing Spiral

Passing the
Nebraska Pylon
south to ...
PA161050 PA161051
the Salute to Labor
Sculpture at the
Lewis and Clark
Landing, and ...
PA161052 PA161054
... the bridge over the railroad line.

The Bridge Construction and Previous Crossings 

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The Pedestrian Bridge Fall Crossing

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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