OCM Worldfest 2010: Naas, Ireland

WorldFest Passpart Stamp Thursday  July 29, 2010 - Every Thursday Night in July,
Omaha Children's Museum, is celebrating the culture of
Omaha's five Sister Cites. Tonight the Worldfest:
A Sister City Celebration!
forces on Naas, Ireland.
 Craoi na Tire - Irish Dancing Activities - Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge Activities - Kissing the “Blarney stone”  
 & Scout

Come in! - For tonight's culture experience  

A_Childrens_Museum B_PassPort_1

Everyone waiting in
line to get their ...
B_PassPort_2 B_PassPort_3 B_PassPort_4

The Sister City 

Sister City Images
of Nass, Ireland
Street sign ... Passport Stamped

Omahha-Naas Art Exchange Display
   A selection of artwork from Nass Primary School students and Omaha Elementary School students
   is displayed behind the Passport, Trade, Fairy Tree & Snack table.

Trade Table
Display Info
D_Artworks_4, D_Artworks_5, D_Artworks_6,
Sister City Flages
Top Row
  Naas, Ireland

This Row
  Omaha, Nebraska
D_Artworks_7, D_Artworks_8, D_Artworks_9,

Irish Dancing
   About 6:40pm, the Craoi na Tire studio of Irish dance in Omaha. gave a half hour performance
   of several Irish Dances. The studio name Craoi na Tire means Heartland in Gaelic

E_Dances _01
The waiting
E_Dances _02
Dance inline...
E_Dances _03
to pairs & Single
E_Dances _04
Back to back
E_Dances _05  
E_Dances _06
Rainbow Lady
E_Dances _07

E_Dances _08
Dancein front
of the Carousel
E_Dances _09
The Audience
E_Dances _10
Dancing in line ...
E_Dances _11
...  Forward
E_Dances _12
Craoi na Tire
  *The dancing description or comments are the webmaster, and not by Craoi na Tire

Activities & Food
  Here is tour of the Ireland culture activities clockwise around the room.
  Click on for a Wikipedia article related that activities or it location in Ireland.

F_Activities_01 F_Activities_02
  Fairy tree Game

  Where is Ireland?
F_Activities_03 F_Activities_04
 The Fairy Tree Game & Map highlight of locations were this evening activities are from.
F_Activities_05 F_Activities_06 F_Activities_07 F_Activities_08 F_Activities_09
Severing Irish Sugar Cookies More Arriving
Crossing the...
F_Activities_11 F_Activities_12
The Rope bridge
F_Activities_13 F_Activities_14
Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge  [W] Making book of Kells [W] Bookmarks
Playing "Hurling"
F_Activities_16 F_Activities_17
F_Activities_18 Children
playing with
Hurley (stick) [W]
form the sport
of Hurling [W]
F_Activities_19 F_Activities_20 F_Activities_21 Kissing the
Blarney stone [W]

Sister City Boy Scout Troops & More
  Evening ends with photos of the Sister City Boy Scout Troops. Everyone, including me,
  enjoyed a ride on the Museum’s Carousel, after the final Worldfest Ethnic Night.
???, Sue, Steve
  G_Boy_Scouts_2 G_Boy_Scouts_3
G_Boy_Scouts_4 Left:
 Sue  Mehaffey

 A Boy Scout
  From Ireland
Who is Irish?   The Boy Scout Troop    

Omaha Children's Museum - Worldfest 2010: Naas, Ireland

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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