Midtown Crossing @ Tuner Park Views

Saturday May 22nd, 2010 -The Midtown Crossing at Tuner Park is the first
  of Three stops,  Mike Bruening and I makes on the Downtown Living Tour.
  Views of the Tuner Park and Omaha Skyline are  great from center building
  condominium & Roof Garden.
Mintown Crossing Logo Veiw from Rooftop 2010 Downtown Living Logo

INSIDE Sales office & condominium model is on it left on the 3rd floor of the tower building.

A_SalesOffice_1 A_SalesOffice_2 A_SalesOffice_3 A_SalesOffice_4 A_SalesOffice_5  
Arrow show view Info wall Model of Midtown Crossing The view of Turner Park & south tower  
B_Model_1  B_Model_2 B_Model_3 B_Model_4 B_Model_5 B_Model_6
Panorama view from the balcony of the Condominium Model.

Rooftop & Bus - Visit to the Center Tower’s rooftop clubhouse & Garden View.

C_Rooftop_01 C_Rooftop_02 C_Rooftop_03 C_Rooftop_04 C_Rooftop_05
North to East Air Conditioners, North tower, Turner Park, Douglas street to First National Tower.
C_Rooftop_06 C_Rooftop_07 C_Rooftop_08 C_Rooftop_09. C_Rooftop_10
East to South North & South Tower, rooftop Clubhouse & Garden.
C_Rooftop_11. C_Rooftop_12 C_Rooftop_13    
Looking South Midtown Cinema & Prairie Life Fitness.  
C_Rooftop_14 C_Rooftop_15 C_Rooftop_16 D_Bua_1 D_Bua_2
Look West ... Headquarters Picnic area View out the shuttle bus front windows.

My Other Downtown Living Tour Stops - No Photos
  Click on Logo for each location information

2010 Downtown Living Logo

Mintown Crossing Building drawing Riverfront Place Building Drawing Note: Drawing of All building are
from the spring 2010 DLT website.

Dunsany Flats building Drawing
Mintown Crossing Logo Riverfront Place Logo Dunsany Flats Logo
I have been has last fes years Omaha Downtown Living Tours Including Spring 2009 Tour

Midtown Crossing @ Tuner Park Views

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