2010 Midland International Auto Show

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010 - On the first warm winter day in months, 40’s outside,
  Mike Bruening & I spend several hours at the Midlands International Auto Show at the
  Qwest Center Omaha. Before checking out the new cars from Scion (ecoboxs) to Lexus
  (high end), I viewed the Batman’s Tumbler and the Classic Automobiles displays.
Classic Automobiles - ’36 Cord

The Tumbler
  Starting in the rear, I photographed the Tumbler in counterclockwise direction. Under the watchful eye of the
  driver, the public took pictures with the vehicle. It was featured in the movie Batman Begins and Dark Night.

P1230518_adj P1230519
Right side
Left side
P1230530 P1230528 P1230534

Classic Automobiles
  Near the Tumbler, Ten+ classic cars were on display
P1230538 P1230540 P1230541 P1230543 P1230544
’70 Chrysler 300c 28 Ford Tudor Sedan ’57 Ford Thunderbird
P1230547 P1230548 P1230553 P1230555 P1230556
’23 Ford Torrid “T” ’51 Henry J ’69 Ford Mustang
P1230559 P1230561 P1230564 P1230568 P1230567
’36 Cord ’57 Cadillac Eldorado
P1230572 P1230573 P1230575 P1230558  
’57 Ford Skyliner ’55 Studebaker  
’55 Studebaker thumbnail are displayed at end for better presentation.

Auto Show
Disnery_Pixar Cars Classic Automobiles Concept Vehicles

2010 Midland International Auto Show

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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