IPad First Day Hand-On @ Apple Store

Saturday April 3rd 2010  - This afternoon, my friend, Jose Patino, and I spend over a half hour
 playing with Apple's new IPad tablet Computer at the Village Pointe Apple Store in West Omaha.
 It was the first day of sale for Apple's new machine.

In the window: Meet iPad - a magical and revolutionary product at unbelievable price.

P4031420_Alt P4031421_Alt P4031423_Alt P4031424_Alt P4031426_Alt
The Apple Store IPad Display Jose Patino opens Photos albums
P4031427 P4031428 P4031429 P4031430 P4031432_Alt
App Store: Weather Channel & iBook info ibook Shelf view a Pages Doc
P4031433 P4031434 P4031435
  My Easter Musical The Victor
  page displayed in the Safari.

  Everyone is having
  fun trying the IPad.
Village Pointe Apple Store
Grand Opening
was Sept.23rd, 2006
The Store The IMac

IPad First Day Hand-On @ Apple Store

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