A Night Of Comedy @ GAMe

Saturday, March 13, 2010 - This evening, Seven young
funny family-friendly Comedians held "A Night Of Comedy" 
at the Great Adventure Ministries Oldmarket location.  
Some plays pool and Fuzz-ball beforeafter the comedy acts.
Gage Wallace Scott Muilenburg Nick Allen Marcus Robinson Richard Reese Pool game after the Comedy acts

Before the Show

Conedy_Night_Card P3131233 P3131235 P3131237 P3131238 P3131239
Invite "card" It down the stairs Game of Fuzz-ball before the Comedy Donations for Haiti
P3131240 P3131241 P3131242 P3131243 P3131245 P3131246
The view from the "Comedy" microphone - Left to Right The microphone

The Comedians - Click on name for more information on that Comedian

Gage Wallace
P3131247  P3131248  P3131249  P3131256  P3131257
Scott Muilenburg
P3131259  P3131260  P3131263  P3131264  P3131269  P3131268
Christian Stokes
P3131271  P3131272  P3131274 P3131275
Nick Allen
P3131276  P3131277  P3131279  P3131280  The

Marcus Robinson
P3131282  P3131284  P3131286  P3131287  
Nolan Gilbride
P3131290  P3131291 Nick Allen
Did another
comedy Routine.
No photos
Richard Reese
P3131293  P3131295  P3131296  
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After the Show

P3131297 P3131299 P3131300 P3131301 P3131303
Scott Muilenburg
& Steve Adams
... and with
Isaac Benson
Lot shoots some pool
after the Comedy Show
The evening is
not is yet over.

A Night Of Comedy @ GAMe

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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