Friends & Flowers @ St. Cecilia Cathedral

Logo for for Cathedral Flower Festival Logo for Cathedral Arts Project (CAP) Saturday January 30th, 2010 - My Friend, Jose Patino and I enjoyed the art-inspired
 Indoor Floral displays at "Friends and Flowers", the 25th Annual Cathedral Flower
in the St. Cecilia Cathedral. After a short musical wait.  We toured the 32+
 artworks on display, counter clockwise around the Sanctuary & Chapel .. An CAP Event.
Friends & Flowers Program

Front of the Cathedral

P1300611 P1300612   P1300745 P1300746 P1300747 P1300748
Were cloudy before,,,   ... but Sunny after viewing the Flower display inside

The Viewing Path - Counter clockwise around the "Sanctuary".

West End & Entrance South Side "hall" East End - The Galleries behind the Altar Our Lady of Nebraska Chapel & Entry North Side "hall" The Map
West End / Enter South Side East End / Gallery Chapel / Exit North Side Map

The Musical Wait - Live music in the "Sanctuary" all day.
   Everyone gets a "FlowerFastPass" for Quilt tour.
Musical Performances - Outside left of Program (Folded in) The List of
Musical Performances

P1300616 P1300620 P1300622 P1300621 P1300623 the Flower Fast Pass Front
FlowerFastPass ..
Mark Nelson on PianoListen
P1300631 P1300634 P1300624
Look back & Up
South Side
From back railing
Flower Fast Pass Back with map
... Map on Back
  Some thumbnail are displayed out of order for better presentation.

West End & Entrance - North to South.

P1300740 P1300743 P1300742 P1300636 P1300640 P1300642
Liturgical Vestment Cope and Mitre Nativity Crèche, 19th Century
  First three thumbnail are of the last artwork I photographed .

South Side "Hall" - West to East.

the South Hall P1300645 P1300646 P1300649 P1300652 P1300651
  Seminole Indian Doll, Moccasins Horse (Bronze) Nash Family Urn
  P1300653 P1300655 P1300657 P1300661 P1300659
Decent of the Holy Spirit
on the Disciples
"Nuestra Senora
De Los Angeles"
Temple Far and Stand
P1300663 P1300666 P1300668 P1300670 P1300671
Untitled (Wool) "Madonna & Child" Thai Spirit House Cross
P1300673 P1300674 P1300676 P1300677 P1300678
Chapel on North Asian Objet d’art

East End - The Galleries behind the Altar - South to North

East End- Galleries P1300679 P1300680 P1300682 P1300684  
Travel R to L - Map "San Jose Con Nino" "Coronation of the Virgin":  
  P1300687 P1300685 P1300691 P1300689 P1300694
"Assumption of Virgin" "Ramón José López
San lsidro deLabrador"
“The Prophet”
A. B. Orlando

North Side "Hall" to Chapel - See First Row below Chapel.

Entering and ....
   A Single J Doe displayed Right of the Chapel’s Door

P1300698 P1300699 P1300700
Produce R Doe*
Four J Doe are on display in the Chapel lobby
Leaving the Chapel – Follow the Wall, Left of
   Chapel’s Door around to the "Sanctuary" side door.

P1300716 P1300717 P1300721
Tick Tock Doe* Fuana Doe* Robo Doe*
 *All J, Doe link are to their 2001 & 2002 display locations

Our Lady of Nebraska ChapeL
  The Chapel was quiet at time of my visit (before the 5pm)  the Performances has ended for the afternoon.

The Chapel - Northsdie P1300702
the Right Side
P1300703 Emma Creighton
Nash Ak-Sar-Ben
Coronation Gown

Thomas & Annie
Rodger Kinball
Chaise Lounge
P1300705 Sunderland
Left Side
of Chapel
P1300707 P1300708 P1300710 P1300713 Performances List
  "The three Musketeers" &
Father Flanagon’s Desk
“Beyond the Towers”, Performances

North Side "Hall" - East to West with displays in the Chapel.

The North Hall Makondi
& Mud
P1300696 P1300695 To Our Lady of
  P1300724 P1300727 P1300725 P1300730 P1300731
  Christening Gowns First Swiss Cantons - Info from vatican
Portrait of
Francis P.
P1300729 P1300734 P1300735 P1300737 P1300738
  "Untitled " "Madonna and Child"
  Portrait of Francis P. Matthews thumbnail were moved back one for better presentation.

Previous Year's Cathedral Flower Festival

Quilts &
The front of St. Cecilia Cathedral "Around the World" in the South Hall Harp Music in the Chapel

Friends & Flowers @ St. Cecilia Cathedral

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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