4th of July 2010 - Worship & Parade

Friday July 4th, 2008 - Today, United State 2334th birthday,
  begins  with a Patriotic Worshipat Christ Community
  Church. This afternoon Ralston had their 4th of July Parade
  In light rain.
Food at Viewing party Patriotic Fire Truck KGBI Track I Love NE shirt

9:00 - 9:30 AM
July 4th, 2010
Patriotic Worship to God and Country begins the 9am Service
 at Christ Community Church - followed by pastor Mark Ashton's Sermon
"Live in your calling as citizens of heaven" (Phil 3:17-4:1). How fitting.

P7041046 P7041048 P7041049 P7041050 P7041051
Armed Services Medley
  Everyone stand for the  National Anthem "The Star-Spangled Banner"
P7041052 P7041054 P7041055 P7041056 P7041058
  Patriotic Reading More Patriotic   Music & Reading
P7041060 P7041061 P7041062 P7041063 P7041068
Choir sings "Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb"  Christian Flag 0:10 second
    Double You Impact video - Serving your faith in the Military.

1:40-3:40 pm
July 4th, 2010
Ralston Parade - My Mother and I watched the 1 pm, 1 hour long
  Ralston 4th of July Parade  from a viewing party at a distance's relation
  home along the parade route  - appropriately called Independent Avenue.

Before the Parade - Food at the 80th Street viewing Party,

Parade Route signs
P7041070 P7041072 P7041074
Keeping Dry
Grill flame up
Flaming burgers
P7041077 P7041078 P7041079
More Hamburgers
My Meal

Parade @ 12:50 pm0:10 second

Start of parade
First Band0:10
P7041086 P7041088 P7041089
Keeping Dry
P7041091 P7041092 P7041093 P7041096 P7041097
  It is the 50th Anniversary Ralston 4th of July Parade & celebration.
P7041098 P7041102 P7041103 P7041104 P7041105
P7041107 P7041108 P7041111 P7041112
Mary Lorraine's 
Dance Center
  Note:  Photo in the darker blue square has Americana Flags and / or Red, White, Blue theme,

Continues @ 1:25pm

P7041114 P7041115 P7041116
Omaha Jitterbugs
is dancing 0:10
Candy Corn Queens
Omaha Czech ladies
P7041123 P7041124
P7041126 P7041128
Red Hats
P7041130 P7041131
Family Band:10
End of the Parade
My New Friend at
the Viewing party

is wears a patriotic
I Love Ne t-shirt
  Note:  Photo in the darker blue square has Americana Flags and / or Red, White, Blue theme,

Parade Ends @ 1:55 Pm

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4th of July 2010 -Worship & Parade

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