Expedition Madagascar @ Omaha Zoo

Saturday May 22nd, 2010 - late afternoon. Jose Patino and I
  viewed the  new Expedition Madagascar exhibits at the Omaha
  Henry Doorly Zoo. We visited Lemurs & Baobab Tree Island before
  heading indoor to the Bats, Birds, Fishes, more Lemurs displays.
Out Walk-thru -Red Ruffed Lemur Top of the Baobab Tree Indoor Dispaly - Ring-tailed Lemur

The Journey to Expedition Madagascar

Start here
P5220510 P5220511
turn Right
P5220512_Adj Just follow
the signs from
the Hubbard

Outdoor Walk-Thru
  Lemurs Island
Red Ruffed Lemur Black & White Ruffed Lemur

North Entrance
P5220515 P5220525
The walkway
Red Ruffed Lemur
Lemur info
South Exit
Jose Patino
Black & White Lemur

  Coquerel’s Sifaka Shore

  P5220535 P5220534    

  Baobab Tree On ● Ring tailed Lemur Island

  P5220538 P5220529 P5220532 P5220530 Ring tailed
Lemur under the
Baobab trees
  P5220531 P5220536 P5220541 P5220542
  Some thumbnail are displayed out of order for better presentation.

Indoor Displays
  Nocturnal displays ● Bats ● Birds ● Fishes ● More Lemurs

P5220544 P5220546 P5220545 P5220550 P5220552
Black Lemur Info & Jose Strew-Colored Fruit bat Mongoose Lemur
P5220556 P5220555_Shapen P5220557 P5220559 P5220560
Vase Parrot & Crested Coua
P5220562_Shapped P5220563 P5220565 P5220567 P5220568
Collared Lemur & Ring-tailed Lemur + Radiated Tortoise
P5220569 P5220571_Adj P5220572 P5220574 P5220577
Fishes of Madagascar Black & White Ruffed Lemur, Red Ruffed Lemur >
 Bird thumbnails are displayed out of order for better presentation. Info from Omaha World-Harold exhibit diagram

Expedition Madagascar @ Omaha Zoo

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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