CCC Step Out 2010 - AM @ Christ Community

Step Out Logo on Purple August 1, 2010 - Unlike 08 & 09, There were no busses or meal
  prepared at Christ Community Church. Only a few wear their purple
  Step out and serve 2010 t-shirt to worship and new community groups.
  Everyone got there own new meal and report to the worksite at 2pm,
 Step On Logo on White

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Before the 9am Service - Step Out t-shirt 9:00am Traditions Worship - Choir singling Mark's Sermon on tthe big screen Mark Live on stage Filll a back Pack Between Services - In Front 9AM Service
Fill A backpack

Before the 9:00am Service
   It is the day to buy a Purple Step Out and Serve 2010 T-shirt.
   Also the bring school supplies for Fill a backpack.

P8010238 P8010240 P8010244 P8010245 P8010250
P8010252 P8010253 P8010255 P8010256 P8010257

Start of the 9:00am Traditions Worship
   There were few Purple Step Out and Serve 2010 T-shirt scatted throughout the worship center.
    I found packets of them up front during choir performance.

P8010258 P8010259 P8010260 P8010261 P8010263
  Purple Shirts in the front Row  

Pastor Mark Ashton Sermon on the Screens ...
  Titled ď"god's Secrets revealed" (Philippians 4:17-10-13)

P8010270 P8010271 P8010272 She is listen
 to the Sermon
while eating
her Lunch

...Live from the Access Worship Stage
   I donís see any Purple Step Out and serve 2010 t-shirt in the Access Service audience in the gym

P8010275 P8010278 P8010280 P8010282 P8010284
P8010288 P8010290 P8010291 P8010292 P8010293
  Sign Langage  for the Deaf   The Audience

Fill a backpack
   During the month of July & August, school supplies are being collected to fill backpacks for the
   Village 1 Ministry partners.  The Goal is to fill 1,000 backpacks.

P8010298 P8010300 P8010304 P8010305 P8010308

Between Services
  I spotted the Purple Step Out and Serve 2010 T-shirts everywhere in the Atrium and
  by the gym (home of Access service)

P8010295 P8010311 P8010313 P8010314 P8010316
P8010317 P8010318 P8010319 P8010320 P8010321
P8010322 P8010324 P8010327 P8010328 P8010330
  By the Gym's Main Doors  

The Afternoon

 Soon after the 10:45 pm Worship, Mickey, Tim Anstead and I went to lunch at Big Mama's Kitchen,
 Afterward, I photographed Step Out 2010 Activities at Omaha Street School and Abide Ministries

Christ Community Church Step Out and Serve 2010 - AM @ Christ Community Church

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