CCC Step Out 2010 - PM @ Turning Point & Abide

Step Out Logo on Purple August 1, 2010 - We spend the afternoon at the Turning Point Campus,
  Here we had lunch at Big Mama's Kitchen, held a block party, Cleaned the
  Omaha Street School , Later Jordan Green & I photographed the
  Abide Ministries Kidz Fun Fest and a nearby whole house painting.
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 Step On Logo on White

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Oven-Roasted Chicken @ Big Mama's Kitchen Balloons arrives @ Omaha Street School The Gathing @ Omaha Street School Window Cleaning @ Omaha Street School The Block Party @ Omaha Street School   Kidz Fun Fest @ Abide Ministries - 3335 Fowler Ave Whole House Painting - 3311 Fowler Ave Whole House Painting - Red Indoor Paint
Lunch - Gather to Clean the Street School - The Block Parry   Kidz Fun Fest& Whole House Painting

On the Turning Point Campus - 3223 North 45th Street
   Lunch at Big Mama's Kitchen - I had Oven-Roasted Chicken & Sweet Potato Pie Ice Cream.

The Entry Sign
Step inside
The Menu

Step Out Crew with Big Mama
She is wearing Green
My Meal
P8010340 P8010343
The Chrisoffersen
My Table
  Menu thumbnail were switched for better presentation.

Set up at Omaha Street School

P8010352 P8010354 P8010358 P8010360 P8010361 P8010364
      balloons arrives  

The Gathering for School History and Cleaning InstructionSweep.

P8010366 P8010367 P8010368 P8010369 P8010370 P8010373
P8010351 P8010372 These photos
Above show
group gathered
left to right
The Director of the School, John Parsons
The man in the  in the white shirt,
 gave a brief History of the school
and some cleaning Instruction.
Lead Pastor
Mark Ashton
  The Omaha Street School photo were taken before the setup.

Cleaning the School
   That is until someone tip the file alarm accidentally and interrupted the process.

P8010378 P8010380 P8010383 P8010385 P8010386 On Brown Sqr.

In Green Sqr.
P8010387 P8010391 P8010392 P8010399 P8010400 P8010403

The Block Party – For the community’s children – More than Food and games.

P8010394 P8010396 P8010397 P8010398   P8010404

Abide Ministries Locations - Jordan Green & I did not visit all locations, only two on Fowler Ave.

  Outdoor Kidz Fun Fest - 3335 Fowler Ave

P8010406_Adj P8010405 P8010407 P8010409 P8010411
Food & Refreshment Hand painting @ Bounceland
P8010413 P8010415 P8010421 P8010420 P8010422
bounce& Slide Arm painting
P8010423 P8010424 P8010425 P8010426 Driveway

Whole House Painting - 3311 Fowler Ave

P8010429 P8010431 P8010432
Left: Jordan Green

  ... Including the Inside

Living/dinning room
P8010440 P8010441 P8010444 P8010445 P8010447  
P8010448 P8010449 P8010450
In the Back Room
P8010451 P8010452 P8010453  
P8010455 P8010458 P8010463

P8010466 P8010468  

Christ Community Church Step Out and Serve 2010 - PM @ Turning Point & Abide Ministries

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