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A2_Left Saturday, October 2nd, 2010 - This afternoon ,Jose Patio and I experience
  the Fontenelle Forest's Great Bug Adventure, including the CSI: Fontenelle
  Investigation. We viewed the Dave Roger's Big Bugs Exhibit scatted along
  the Riverview Boardwalk. Also we hiked the Hickory Trail to the Child Hollows
  overlook. - Bug displayed June 26 - October 3, 2010. Last visit in 2006
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Great Bug Adventure - Dave Roger's Big Bugs Exhibit
  This is the order of the huge wooden insect sculptures clockwise, stay left, on the Riverview Boardwalk - Bug info is on left.

Big_Bug_A0 Damselfly on the Map Big_Bug_A1 Big_Bug_A2 Big_Bug_A3 This bug 1s over
water in front of
the Nature Center
Big_Bug_B0. Praying Mantis on Map Big_Bug_B1 Big_Bug_B2 Big_Bug_B3 Big_Bug_B4
Big_Bug_C0 Spider on the Map Big_Bug_C1 Big_Bug_C2 Big_Bug_C3 Big_Bug_C4
Big_Bug_D0 The tree Ants on the Map Big_Bug_D1 Big_Bug_D2 Big_Bug_D3 Big_Bug_D4.
Big_Bug_D5 One Sign
for each Ant
Big_Bug_D6 Big_Bug_D7 Big_Bug_D8 Big_Bug_D9
Big_Bug_E0 the Dargonfly on the Map Big_Bug_E1 Big_Bug_E2 Big_Bug_E3.  
Big_Bug_F0 Grasshopper on the Map Big_Bug_F1 Big_Bug_F2 Big_Bug_F3 A Nearby River
Overlook is across
the boardwalk
from this bug.
Big_Bug_G0 Assasion Bug On the map Big_Bug_G1 Big_Bug_G2 Big_Bug_G3 This bug is
the farest from
the Nature Center.
Big_Bug_H0 Daddy Long Leg on map Big_Bug_H1 Big_Bug_H2 Big_Bug_H3 Big_Bug_H4
Big_Bug_I0 Ladybug on the Map Big_Bug_I1 Big_Bug_I2 Big_Bug_I3 Big_Bug_J0
    The Ants from the Riverview Boardwalk on the way back to nature center, Above

Great Bug Adventure CSI: Fontenelle Investigation
  CSI Signs give clues clockwise along the Riverview Boardwalk. Hunt: Bug #3
  The First & last are at Acorn Acres Family Play area.
CSI_01 CSI_02 CSI_03 CSI_04 CSI_05 CSI_07
The Crime Scene The Clues Solved the Crime?

City & Hollows Overlooks
  After visiting the Assassin Bug Sculpture, we hiked the Hickory Trail to Child Hollows
  Overlook. Earlier we viewed the downtown skyline near the Grasshopper Sculpture.

D1_CityView D2_CityView D3_Path D4_Path D5_Path
Boardwalk Overlook Omaha Skyline Child Hollows Overlook Stair ahead

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Fontenelle Forest's Big Bugs 2010

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIODinoquest

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