Antelope Valley & College Friends

LSJ Map of Hay Market West Arena Saturday September 18th, 2010 - Today, Mike Bruening and I spend a day
  in Lincoln, Nebraska. Here we checked out the site of the Haymarket West &
  New Arena (currently a railroad yard) & the Antelope Valley Project .
  We walked from O Street to the Antelope Creek Split and back. Also we
  visited four of my college friends.
Creek Split North of Pine Freiends - Paul Menter & I

Union Plaza to Vine Street
   Before driving the big X just north of the UNL Campus, Salt Creek Road & Antelope Valley Parkway, we walked
   thru Union Plaza under the new Flood Channel Bridges and beside Trago Park, from "O" to Vine Street.

P9180795 P9180796 P9180799 P9180800   Antelope Valley Project Phasing Map
Antelope Valley
Project map

Union Plaza Map
Union Plaza &
Trago Park Map
North side of O Street Bridge P Street Bridge from below
P9180801 P9180802 P9180803 P9180804
Between O & P:  Water Features What these numbers on path mean?
P9180805 P9180806 P9180808 P9180809
Between P & R street: Wondering Stream & Pond
P9180810 P9180811 P9180812 P9180813

Creek Split back to O Street
  We hiked north of Pine Street, to where Antelope Creek split in the pipe and new channel and back thru Trago
  Park & along the wondering stream in Union Plaza. Our walk ends near site of the Great Plains Trails Center.

P9180815 P9180816 P9180817 P9180818   Great Plains Trail Center Map & Overview
Trails Center Plans
P9180821 P9180822
Right: State Capitol
P9180823 P9180825
Wondering Stream
Trails Center Info PDF

College Friends Visits
  Before the Union Plaza / Trago Park Walk, We visited one friend in the morning, another over lunch and the
  Third early afternoon (not seen in 10 year). On the way home, fourth friend. I had not seen him in 24 years.

P9180781_Vert_II P9180783 P9180787 P9180794_Vert P9180831 P9180829
John Matzke ... & Mike Bruening Paul Menter Tom Dierks Steve Bartek & Family
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Antelope Valley & College Friends

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