2010 October to November Highlights

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behind an ant at Fontenelle Forest's Great Bug Adventure
Oct. 2th - Fontenelle Forest's Big Bugs 2010
Has 61 Pictures
Grasshopper near the Riverlook CSI: Fontenelle Investigation - Spinder
Sunglass reflection Iowa Tower Light
Oct. 16th - Pedestrian Bridge Fall Crossing
Has 49 Pictures
Omaha Skying from Council Bluffs' Riverfront Trail Low Sun River reflection Back in Omaha
View of the bridge from riverfront path
Oct. 23rd - Lied Platte River Bridge
& Sesquicentennial Benches in Springfield
Has 45 Pictures
To Casls County - River Overlook Rock Island Line -  Signal collection 4-H Sesquicentennia bench @ Sarpy County Fairgrounds
View from 34th Street Bridge
Nov 2nd - I-80 Stored Potential banners
North of I-80 @ 34th
Has 34 Pictures
Walking south Corn as Commodity banner - South Silos Omaha Belt Line remains Under I-80
Anakin Skywalker Podracer
Nov 20th - Podracer & Heartland Heroes
@ Strategic Air & Space Museum
Has 35 Pictures
Heroes Tree Photo Display
- Holidays 2010 Begins with Friday after Thanksgiving Day -
Unlit Tree before the Tree Lighting Ceremony
Nov 26th - Tree Lighting & Holiday Lights
@ Durham Museum & Gene Leahy Mall'
Has 14 Pictures
Lit Tree in Darken lobby Gene Leahy Mall's Holidays Lights
Enroute to Holiday Vacation
Dec 12th - "A Season of Memories"
@ the Mormon Trail Center
Has 60 Pictures
Quilt of Memories One of Many Christmas Tree
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