2010 July to September Highlights

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The America Flag
July 1st - Ralston Independence City Quilt Show
@  Baright Public Library, Ralston Nebraska
Has 23 Pictures
The Flag in Center Quilt Some of the "Nebraska theme" Quits
Patriotic Worship @ Christ Commuity CHurch
July 4th - 4th of July 2010
@  Christ Community Church & Ralston Nebraska
Has 64 Pictures
Food at Viewing party One of VIP at Parade begini I Love NE shirt
CulturalDisplay - Siauliai, Lithuania Ethnic Night
July 15-19th - Worldfest: A Sister City Celebration
@ Omaha Children's Museum
Has 150 Pictures on 3 Pages
Calligraphy [my name] - Shizuoka, Japan Ethnic Night Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge - Naas, Ireland Ethnic Night
Union Pacific No. 2010 @ Union Station
June 17-18th Railroads Days 2010
Has 85 Pictures on 2 pages
Passenger Train History Panels Great Hall - Model Railroad
Mark's Sermon on tthe big screen
Aug 1st - CCC Step Out and Serve 2010
Has 126 Pictures on 2 pages
My Meal @ Big Mama's Kitchen Window Cleaning @ Omaha Street School Whole House Painting - The Back Room
Choir Warship
August 22nd - Double Your Inpact Sunday
@  Christ Community Church
Has 13 Pictures
The Message by Mark Ashton Outermost "c"- the city the Elders
Inside Timberlake Outreach Center @ Open Door Mission
Aug. 22nd - City-Wide Step Out & Serve 2010
Has 59 Pictures
Window Cleaning @ Child Saving Institute cloth sorting @ Mission For All Nations
 9:00am Service - Roddy performing on stage
Sept. 4th - Roddy Chong @ CCC
Has 64 Pictures
10:45 Service Worship Robert Murphy interviews Roddy Chong Gathering- variations of a song
Union Plaza
Sept. 24th - Antelope Valley & College Friends
In Lincoln, Nebraska
Has 31 Pictures
Creek Split North of Pine Street Freiends - Paul Menter & I
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