2010 April to June Highlights

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The Apple Store Window Display
April 3rd - IPad First Day Hand-On
 @ Village Pointe Apple Store
Has 13 Pictures
Photos App on IPad e  Safari playes my"Easter Musical The Victor" pag3
"Harper Center" on Campus Wall West
April 10th - CU Walk & Chinese Tea
@ Creighton University Skutt Student Center
Has 28 Pictures
Chinese Tea Party @ Skutt Student Center Finding Yantai: Omaha's Sister City in China - A Photo Journey
Exhibit Entrance
April 24th - "Are You There Yet?" 
@ Durham Museum
Has 54 Pictures
Destination & Highway Displays Lincoln Highway Niagara Falls
Kites in the Air
April 25th - Midwest Winds Spring Festival 
@  La Vista Sport Complex
Has 25 Pictures
fast Spinning Kit Playfull kit on Ground
GOSHO NINGYO – Imperial palace Dolls
April 30th - The Doll of Japan Display
 @ Lauritzen Gardens
Has 46 Pictures
one of the KIMEKOMI NINGYO  Doll - Next to Floral Hall One of the OYAMA NINGYO Dolls - Next to Floral Hall Traditional KOKESHI NINGYO Dolls
Living Garden® Fountain Performance
May 15th - Living Garden & Flower Walk
 @ Lauritzen Gardens
Has 62 Pictures
Victorian Garden Pansy Bird Sanctuary Entrance Pond Along the Tree Peony Garden East path
View of the North Tower from the Condominium Model.
May 22nd - Midtown Crossing Views
Midtown Crossing @ Tuner Park
Has 29 Pictures
Rooftop Garden View of the North tower View of Midtown Cinema from Rooftop Patio
Outdoor Walk-Thru; Coquerel’s Sifaka Shore Baobab Tree On Ring tailed Lemur Island
May 22nd - Expedition Madagascar
@  Henry Doorly Zoo
Has 43 Pictures
Indoor Dispaly - Ring-tailed Lemur Indoor Display-  Black & White Ruffed Lemur
Chime Master's Mobile Millennium Carillon @ Lauritzen Gardens
May 31st - Mobile Millennium Carillon
 @ Lauritzen Gardens
Has 33 Pictures
The Last Song Carillon keybroad Victorian Garden
Sculpting a dragon head
June 4-5th, 2010 - Sand in the City 2010
4th - Sculpting Competition - 52 photos
5th - Sculptures Display - Has 78 Photos
"Splish, Splash, Splosh" - One of Team Sand Sculptures One of the Professional Sand Sculptures
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