"The Letter" Christmas Pageant

To "The Letter" Program Saturday, December 12th - After viewed the Greatest Treasures Gingerbread
 display  at the at the Mormon Trail, Jose and I watched the 7 pm performance
 of the Westside Church's Christmas Pageant "The Letter". Christ Piano Music
The Angles Delivering the Letter The Lamb of God

Before the Play - Free ticket is required to attend this play.

PC121386 PC121387 Story: This pageant is about one veteran family at
 Christmas time that received a recovered letter from
a recently discovered World War II mail plane
crash on a South Pacific Island.
Tickiet to Musical
The Ticket

View from top of the left balcony    

Act I - Christmas time at veteran family home,
   the reaction the news of the lost WWII mail plane and telling of WWII navy battle stories.

PC121389 PC121391_II PC121392 PC121393 PC121396 Program (Right side)
Light Your ChristmasChrist Piano Music Please Mr. Postman Scene One
Itís Time for the new!
PC121398 PC121399 PC121401 PC121403 PC121405  
Scene Two .... A little Christmas Spirit Celebrate the Season Medley - Christ Piano MusicLine  
PC121407 PC121409 PC121413 PC121415 PC121416  
... Continues Song: Keep the Faith Scene Three ...  
PC121417 PC121420 PC121421 PC121422 PC121424  
...Now, this is Music! Scene Four ... The Aloha Room at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel
White Christmas Ė Soloist Robyn Wellons
Scene Six - I thought
I smelled a rat!
PC121425 PC121426

keep the
Faith Reprise

Scene Seven
The Christmas Story
Recalling WWII navy battle stories Mail Plane Found!  

Act II - Bethlehem - The days leading up to Christís birth
The Nativity Scene were hinted at, but were not portrayed live.

PC121433 PC121435_II
 Angle along usChrist Piano Music
Program (Right side)
PC121443 PC121444 PC121444_II
Angles aboveChrist Piano Music
PC121445 PC121447
Christ's Stable


PC121448 PC121449 The long lost letter is
finally hand delivered 


PC121450 PC121453 PC121454 PC121456 PC121457 Program (Right side)
  PC121458 Just moments after the end of
Westside Church's Christmas
Pageant "The" Letter".

The Perfect
Act I - Moving Out Christ's Stable Christ on the Throne 2008
 & Trees
Sweet Dreams Act II - The Nativity Finale - The Lamb of God

"The Letter" Christmas Pageant

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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