"The Greatest Treasures" Omaha

Saturday December 12, 09 - I viewed the 2009 Gingerbread display Greatest
at the at the Mormon Trail Center in Florence (Omaha, Nebraska)
 This displays include Treasures Chests & the Night before Christmas
One of many Christmas tree.  Christmas to Remember at Kanesville Tabernacle
Six days later, my family saw A Christmas to Remember at Kanesville Tabernacle

Gingerbread "Home" Display

PC121295_Adj PC121296_Adj PC121298 PC121300_Adj PC121302_Adj
Welcome Around the World Small Homes & Temple
PC121303_Cropped_Adj PC121304_Adj PC121306_Adj PC121307_Adj PC121309_Adj
Grandma's house Brownies Homes Candy train & Treasures Ship, etc

Treasures Chests

PC121310_Adj PC121311 PC121312 PC121313_Adj PC121314_Adj
PC121315 PC121316_Adj PC121317_Adj PC121318 PC121319_Adj

More Treasures

PC121320_Adj PC121321_Adj PC121322_Adj PC121323 PC121326_Adj
North Pole & ... ..Santa's workshop Our ... Treasures
PC121327_Adj PC121329_Adj PC121330_Adj PC121332_Adj PC121333
Noah's Art  the Gospel Some of the Greatest Treasures Another Train
PC121335_Adj PC121339_Adj PC121340 PC121341 PC121342_Adj
Some of the Displays
PC121343 PC121344_adJ PC121345_Adj See
Night before

display below
 Family is a Treasure   
PC121365_Adj PC121366_Adj PC121367_Adj PC121368_Adj  
Worship in ... .. the village    

The Night Before Christmas

PC121347_Adj PC121348 PC121349_Adj PC121350 PC121353_Adj
PC121354 PC121355_Adj PC121356_Adj PC121357_Adj PC121358_Adj
PC121359 PC121360_Adj PC121361_Adj PC121363_Adj A Spire Version
were display at
the Kanesville

 in 2007
the Night Before christmas Spire at the Kanesville Tabernacle 07

Previous Years Mormon Trail Center's Displays 2004 II 2005 2006 2007 2008

Christmas Trees
  Similar to previous years, the trees were displayed on room edge, mainly the west & South wall.

PC121374 PC121375 PC121376 PC121377 PC121378
PC121379 PC121380 PC121382 PC121383 PC121384 PC121385

  These are some of the 2009 Christmas Trees   Mormon Trail Center's 05, 06, 07 & 08 tree display 

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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