A Christmas to Remember Council Bluffs

Friday, December 18th, 09 - Early afternoon, my family viewed the 2009 Gingerbread
 display a Christmas to Remember at Kanesville Tabernacle in Council Bluff, Iowa.
 This displays includes the Bethlehem Village & a biblical Nativity Scene.
Christmas trees at Fireplace  Home Treasures at the Mormon Trail Center
Six days earlier, I saw the Greatest Treasures Display at the Mormon Trail Center.

The Kanesville Tabernacle
  Before entering the Tabernacle, A Mormon “host” take the family photo. We visited with the
  ladies in the aprons on the way out. Info on this display is posted at the Visitor Center.

PC181659 PC181660 PC181661   PC181761 PC181763
The Sign My Family   Three  Hostess

Gingerbread "Home" Display

PC181662 PC181663 PC181665 PC181667 PC181668
 the Cabin
Castle Countryside
PC181670 PC181671 PC181672 PC181682 PC181683
Christmas in Hawaii Grandma & Grandkids Polar Express  
PC181675 PC181677 PC181676 PC181679 PC181680
Greenview Village .... ... downtown
PC181688 PC181692 PC181693 PC181695 PC181696
Family Christmas Eve Winter Quarters
PC181697 PC181700 PC181702 PC181703 PC181704
Mom’s Memory Fun in the Snow  

Bethlehem Village

PC181706 PC181707 PC181708 PC181710 PC181711
Market The Village Christ's Stable  

More Christmas to Remember

PC181713 PC181716 PC181717 PC181719 PC181722
  Christmas at Our House
PC181725 PC181727 PC181729 PC181731 PC181733
Remembering Iowa’s
Covered Bridges
Dreaming of a Smoky
Mountain Christmas
Wright Family
On My Way to
Grandma’s House
PC181736 PC181738 PC181739 PC181740 PC181741
  Remembering my Train Ride Home for Christmas  
PC181744 PC181745 PC181746 PC181748
Above: A Peek at
Christmas Morning

Left: Christmas
Morning Anticipation
Baking Cookies  

The Bible Story of the Saviors Birth

Nativity Scene
Out in the field
PC181756 PC181757
 last thumbnail displayed first for better presentation.

Previous Year Displays

Song of
the Heart
Gingerbread Display At Kanesville Tabernacle 2007
"The Night Before Christmas" Spire Tree by the back Boor 2008
Christmas around
the world
Display at The Kanesville Tabernacle Christmas Tree & Decoration

Christmas Trees & Fireplace

PC181664 PC181750 PC181751 PC181752 PC181753 PC181762
The glow in the fireplace.
  All thumbnail here comes before Nativity Scene.

  These are some of the 2009 Christmas Trees   Kanesville Tabernacle's 06, 07 & 08 tree display 

“A Christmas to Remember” Council Bluffs Gingerbread Displays 09

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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