Cookies & Caroling Christmas Outreach

Sunday, December 5th ,09 - After lunch & worship at Christ Community
  Church, André Sims and I went on the Cookies & Caroling Christmas
  Outreach to three Nursing Homes: St. Joseph Villa Nursing Center,
  Lindenwood Nursing Home, Douglas County Health Center.
Caroling @ St. Joseph Villa Nursing Center Visting with steve @ Lindenwood Nursing Home

Christ Community Church Atrium
  Church members and friends arrive here with their Cookies for the Nursing Homes
  and assemble into 3 groups, one for each Nursing Home, for Caroling .

PC061197 PC061199 PC061202
Left: André Sims
PC061205 PC061207
PC061210 PC061211
Left: Steve Adams
PC061214 PC061216 PC061218 PC061219 PC061220
All the Caroler Left to Right

@ St. Joseph Villa Nursing Center
  André Sims & my first Stop. Here Steve Yost, the worship art director, leads a Choir Caroling.
  After singing, the church members fan out and visit with residents here in the dinning room. (in light Green)

PC061225_Adj PC061231 PC061233 PC061236_ADJ PC061237
Choir Singing
PC061241_AdJ PC061242_Adj PC061244 PC061246_ADJ
She is singing
PC061249 PC061250
Above Left: Steve
PC061251_Adj PC061253_Adj
Word from André
PC061255 PC061256 PC061257 PC061260 PC061262

@ Lindenwood Nursing Home
   Next, André Sims & arrive after the Caroling in Hall were over. I joined few of the church members
   visiting the residents on the upper lever.

PC061264 PC061265 PC061266 PC061267 PC061269
PC061270 PC061271 PC061272 PC061274 PC061275
Visiting with Steve (resident)   André visiting

@ Douglas County Health Center

PC061277 PC061278  Our last stop of the day!
 We arrive after Caroling and
 did not see any other the residents.
Right: André Sims  

Cookies & Caroling Christmas Outreach 2009

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