Christmas Trees 2009

Friday, November 27th - Christmas at Union Station 2009 - 5 of 22+ trees photos (63 Total)
PB271042 PB271062_AdJ PB271064
paper snow
PB271079 PB271082

Saturday December 27th - "The Greatest Treasures" Omaha - 5 0f 13 tree photos (68 Total)
PC121374 PC121382 PC121383 PC121384  PC121385
  ~Ten Christmas Trees,
each with a different
theme, surround the
Gingerbread display titled
 "The Greatest Treasures"
 at the Mormon Trail Center
 in Florence (NE. Omaha)

Saturday December 27th - "A Christmas to Remember" Council Bluffs - 5 0f 5 tree photos (65 Total)
PC181664 PC181751 PC181752 PC181753 PC181762
  ~Nine Christmas Trees,
each with a different
theme, surround the
Gingerbread display titled
 "Christmas Around the World"
 at the Kanesville Tabernacle
 in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Sunday December 21st - Holiday Poinsettia Show 2009 - 5 0f 8 tree photos (55 Total)
PC200075 PC200076
< Door to Gardens
PC200077 PC200083_Adj    PC20000_Chopped
 At Flagpoles
Two Wild life Trees:

One Tree is just outside
the doors to the garden

 The Other Tree is between
the flagpoles out in front
of the Visitor center.

Saturday January 2nd, 2010  - Christmas Miniatures 2009 - 5 0f 8 tree photos (72 Total)
P1020331 P1020333
  P1020420 P1020422 P1020423
After- @ dusk
I took an  last long look
at the Tree in the lobby
of Union Station before
and after viewing the
Christmas Miniatures exhibit
at the Durham Museum

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Bedstemor's House Tree Christmas in Garmany - North Hall Christ Community Church Tree 06
First Ligting of the Tree Christmas Trees from around the World Angel at Kanesville Tabernacle 07
Gift Shop Snow White Christmas Tree Strategic Air & Space Museum Winter Wonderland @ Kanesville Tabernacle 08
Stylized Tree next to stair in Chsit Communty Church Atrium Christmas Around the World tree

Christmas Trees 2009

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