Christmas at Union Station 2009

Friday, November 27, 09, 5:15-7 pm  - Before the late evening meal
  at the Old Market spaghetti works & the stroll thru Gene Leahy Mall’s
  Holiday Light, Mike Bruening & I enjoyed the Christmas entertainment
and Tree lighting Ceremonyat the Durham Museum. This event
  kicks off Christmas at Union station – Making Spirits Bright
Tree lighting Ceremony - darken Station Lobby Lite after the Tree lighting Ceremony
First of the 09 trees
Gene Leahy Mall's Holidays Lights 09

Approaching  the Museum at Dusk

PB270987 PB270989 PB270990 Program Front Inside the Program
Sunset from the 10th street bridge - Left & right in Sunset Mode The program for the evening
PB270991 PB270992 PB270993 PB270994 PB270997_Adj
Approaching the Museum at Dusk Program inside >

 Before Tree Lighting Ceremony
  The main tree was “unlit”.   the Heartland Harmonizers Barbershop Chorus & Michael Walker, Omaha's
  Vintage Vocalist fills the air with music, while children wait in long lines to see Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus.
  In addition, the Children decorates sugar cookies & do crafts in the Swanson gallery.

PB270998 PB271002 PB271005 PB271006 PB271009
Evening starts with musicby the Heartland Harmonizers Barbershop Chorus
PB271012 PB271014 PB271037 PB271017 PB271038
Children visiting Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus
PB271019 PB271020
   Soda Fountain
   Gift Shop

  the Museum
PB271027 PB271026
PB271024 PB271025 PB271029 PB271030 PB271033
Children enjoys decorating  sugar cookies and crafts in the Swanson gallery.
PB271040 PB271042 09 Christmas Trees PB271044 PB271045
the Crowd is
building  for the
Tree Lighting
PB271048 PB271050_Cropped PB271052
  He Sings
Michael Walker sets the mood for the Lighting Ceremony
  Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus thumbnail are displayed out of order for better presentation.

The Tree Lighting Ceremony
  KPTM 42 News Anchor host the 6:15 pm tree lighting ceremony.  After the 5 sec countdown, The
  Christmas tree did light the darken lobby.  It was followed by Heartland Harmonizers Barbershop Chorus.

PB271057 PB271059 PB271060 PB271061 PB271062_AdJ
 KPTM 42 News Anchor gives the into remarks and did the countdown
PB271063 PB271064 PB271067 PB271068 PB271070
Even in the paper snow, the newly lit tree brighten the darken Lobby - 09 Tree

After the Ceremony
  Now the lighted tree adds sparkles to the former Union station lobby. Just like the good old days.

PB271071 PB271072 PB271076 PB271077 PB271079
PB271081 PB271082 PB271084 PB271087 PB271088
The Fireburns on
It is really is a HD video
PB271092_II PB271091 It time for everyone to go home. 
Even Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus 
retires for the evening.

Leaving the Museum at Night
   Afterward, Mike Bruening & I walked down the 10 street bridge for the late evening
   meal at the Old Market spaghetti works & Gene Leahy Mall’s Holiday Light stroll

PB271093 PB271096 PB271097 PB271098  

05 Salute to Our Stars ...
06 We Remember When..
07 Christ at Union Station
Christmas at Union Station - Flag IMG_3222 Union Station at Dusk "Pierson Family" Flag over the Heartland Harmonizers Barbershop Chorus Lite Tree in Darken Lobbey

Christmas at Union Station 2009

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