Step Out 09 -  Afternoon Tour of the Worksites

Step On Logo on White August 16, 2009 -This afternoon, I went with Andre Sims, the Director
 of Community Relations & staff at Christ Community Church on a tour
 of worksites in North & South Omaha including the Omaha Street School,
 Open Door Mission and the Victory Boxing Club

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Omaha Street School Linda and Tony Stark's Home - Little Lady PWesley House - Toucn up Cerita's House - Back Open Door Mission - Sorting cloths Victory Boxing Club - Painting balcony  railing Back At Church - Disassembling the Canopy

Omaha Street School
   Several Churches including Christ Community Church, and West Hills Presbyterian Church help prepared
   the Omaha Street School for the upcoming school Year.

P8160198 P8160199 P8160203 P8160204 P8160205
P8160207 P8160208
Andre Sims &
Andy Dykhouse*
P8160209 P8160210 P8160213
   *He is the Director of Youth Ministries at West Hills Presbyterian Church

Stark's Home - 2107 North 33 Av - with Brush up Nebraska
   Just a few blocks South of Salem Missionary Church, the lead pastor, Mark Ashton, his family
   and Journey Group helped paint the home of Linda and Tony Stark.

Salem Baptist Church
Hard at work
Bush Cleaning
Mark Ashton
Paint Central?
P8160220 P8160221 P8160222 P8160226
Even Little lady helps
P8160230 P8160231
Linda &Tony Stark >

UMCC Noah Moore Building & Wesley House - 2001 N 35th St
  Here the ground are brushed up and building getting a touched up.

P8160234 P8160235 P8160239
United Methodist
Community Center:
P8160238 P8160240 P8160242
Noah Moore Building.. ... just East of Wesley House - above

Cerita's House - 1712 North 26th
 This will pealed home gets its will-deserved coat of paint today.

P8160244 P8160245 P8160246 P8160248 P8160249
Also See Nick's
 Fish Eye Version
P8160250 P8160251 P8160252 P8160253 P8160254
Some of
Step Out 09
P8160255 P8160256 Right: Andre Sims, the Director
 of Community Relations

Left: Nick Kelly,
Communications Director
He took photos of various worksites

Open Door Mission - 2828 N 23 Street East
  Beside the carnival for homeless or near-homeless children, Christ Community Church and
  few other churches help sort cloths at the Open Door Mission.

P8160260 P8160261 P8160262 P8160267
P8160268 P8160269 P8160272 P8160273 P8160275
P8160276 P8160277 P8160279
P8160280 P8160281

Victory Boxing Club - 3009 R St
  This place that teach Christian Principles though Boxing need some TLC of it own.

P8160283 P8160284 P8160285 P8160288 P8160289
P8160290 P8160292 P8160293 P8160294 P8160295
View from balcony
Panting its railing
P8160299 P8160300

Back at Church
   Disassembling the Canopy by Blue/red bus group and return left over water bottles to Cooler.

P8160304 P8160306 P8160308 P8160309 P8160310
P8160312 P8160313 P8160314 P8160315 P8160316
P8160317 P8160318
Canopy come in
P8160320 P8160322
Water Come in

More Step Out 09 Photos by Nick Kelly, the Christ Community Communications Director on Flickr

Step Out and Serve 2009 - Afternoon Tour of the Worksites

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