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Sand in the City website Saturday, June 6th 2009 -  After the 3pm Performance of the Circus at Qwest Center Omaha
 Arena, Jose Patino and I viewed the Sand in the City 18 Sand Sculptures displays in Parking
 Lot D, north of the Qwest Center Expedition Hall. It is a fundraiser for the Nebraska Children's
Society Foundation. The sand was trucked in for this event.
Sand in the City Program Front  local corporate teams Icon

Entry "Up" in North Row "The Circus" in Center Row "Will about Omaha" in North Row Professional Sand Sculptures Detailing Bucket for voteing
Enter South Row Center Row North Row Sand Sculptures Voting & Skyline

   Using 350 Ton of Sand, 18 Sand Sculptures displays were made: 17 by local corporate teams and architects
   (in 3 row of 6 Sculptures, last row has 5) and one by a professional sculpture team. There is a little evident of
   damage caused by 2-inch rain fall the night before. All corporate teamís sand sculptures  are under tents .

South Row - Nearest to the Qwest Center Exhibition Halls.

RowA_1A RowA_1B RowA_1C RowA_1D
"Wall-E" by Millard Rotary / Davis Design
RowA_2A RowA_2B RowA_2CJPG RowA_2D
"Baseball Time In Omaha" by Creighton University Medical Center
RowA_3A RowA_3B RowA_3C RowA_3D
"KC's Fun Food Lab"
by ConAgra Foods / Leo A Daly
RowA_4A RowA_4B
"Go Green!!"
by Linked in / Carlson West Povondra Architects
RowA_5A RowA_5B RowA_5C
Movie "Up" byBass & Associates / Nebraska Engineering
RowA_6A RowA_6B City in the sand Backet
"Whiz Kid" byby Gallup / Prochasks & Associaties

Center Row

RowB_1A RowB_1B RowB_1C RowB_1D
"Did You Hear That?"
by MarketSphere / Ne Engineering
RowB_2A RowB_2B RowB_2C RowB_2D
"Taste of Omaha"
by Hughes Machinery Company / Leo a daly
RowB_3A RowB_3B RowB_3C RowB_3D
"Finding Nemo"
by Centris Federal Credit Union / Nebraska Engineering
RowB_4A RowB_4B RowB_4C
"Watch Out for That...!!"
by kiewit(PKS)
RowB_5A RowB_5B RowB_5C RowB_5D
"The Circus"
by PayPal / Calvin L. Hinz Architects. P.C.
RowB_6A RowB_6B RowB_6C
"Just a Bunch of Peanuts"
by Bank of the West / Schemmer

North Row - Nearest to the Cuming Street

RowC_1A RowC_1B RowC_1C RowC_1D
"Monsters vs. Aliens Invades Omaha"
by Millard Drywall Services
RowC_2A RowC_2B RowC_2C RowC_2D
"Choose Your Adventure"
by / Leo A Daly
RowC_3A RowC_3B RowC_3C
"Sustainability Story"
by HDR
RowC_4A RowC_4B RowC_4C RowC_4D
"Ice Age" by First National Bank / HDR
RowC_5A RowC_5B RowC_5C RowC_5D
"Wild About Omaha"
by Mutual of Omaha / Nebraska Engineering
City in the sand Backet

Sand Sculptures Display - curved by a professional team
   Just North of the North Row

SandSculpture_ SandSculpture_1 SandSculpture_2 SandSculpture_3 SandSculpture_4
SandSculpture_5 SandSculpture_6 SandSculpture_7 A professional team was curving
 sand sculptures of various
Childhood memories, which has
names of event sponsors curved in.

Voting & Omaha Skyline
   You vote for your favorite Sand Sculptures Display by using sand dollars (1$ each) you buy at the entry or at the voting Tent.

RowC_0A Vote_Here_1 Vote_Here_2 Vote_Here_3 Zskyline_1 ZSkyline_2 City in the sand Backet
A reminder!! Vote here for your favorite sculptures Count @ 5:38  Omaha Skyline from South & Center Row  

Previous Year Displays

@ Millardís
Signs for "Sand in the City"  sea Treasures Nebraska Children's Home sculpture

Sand in the City 09

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