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Rail Road Flyer June 20th, 09 - Before viewing the railroad theme
 displays at the Visitors Center and UP 844 at
 Durham Museum, Mike Bruening and I enjoyed the
 Victorian, Model Railroad Garden & Japanese Park.
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P6200749 P6200750
to Victorian Garden to Garden in the Glen To Architectural Wonders of the World Exhibit to Model Railroad Garden To the Japanese Park & Sunpu Gate
In Front .... Architectural Wonders,  Railroad Garden, Japanese Park

Victorian Garden - My first stop

P6200752 P6200753 P6200755 P6200757 P6200759
P6200758 P6200761 P6200763 P6200764 P6200765

Garden in the Glen - On route to the Railroad Garden

P6200770 Right:
Flower on the
side of Path

P6200767 P6200769
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Architectural Wonders of the World Exhibit -  Just east of the Railroad Garden  

P6200771 P6200773
Machu Picchu - Peru & Tikal in front
P6200806 P6200810 P6200779
Hagia Sophia - Istanbul, Turkey, Tikal - Guatemala .. in back
Boudhanath Stupa
Moai - Easter Island
P6200777 P6200778 P6200789
....and Taj Mahal - Agra, India
Himeji Castle
   - Himeji, Japan
The Great Pyramid
& Great Sphinx
Eiffel Tower
- Paris, France
Also see addition
 photos of this
 Exhibit on

April 15th &

May 3rd
Architectural Wonders of the World Booklet Picture Architectural Wonders of the World Booklet Infside
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Model Railroad Garden
   This nearly 2 year old garden was designed by landscape Paul Busse of Kentucky-based
   Applied Imagination. It features buildings and bridges of Omaha made of nature material.

P6200813 P6200815 P6200822 Right:
Passenger Line

Steam Engine
On Freight Ling
Overhead Bridges
P6200812 P6200814 P6200816
This 2008 booklet
has information about
the Garden and its
buildings & Rail Lines
Model Railraod Garden Info Booklet
P6200817 P6200818 P6200819 P6200820 P6200823
P6200828 P6200829 P6200830 P6200831 P6200832
Upper Railroad Garden  - Next to the Broadwark
  P6200804 P6200825 Also see additional photos
the Railroad Garden from

Railroad Days 07
& Week after,
Railroad Days 08
Lower Railroad Garden - below the Boardwalk
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Japanese Park & Sunpu Gate

P6200834 P6200836 P6200837 P6200838 P6200839
Walk to .. ... Up & View from Mt Fuji.. .. of the new lakes Mike Bruening at Gate

UP Mini Train & Garden of Memories

P6200840 The Union Pacific Mini train gives
Children rides  between the Rose
Garden and the Founder Garden
P6200841 This is my first
visit to the new
Garden of Memories

Railroads Days
@ Lauritzen Gardens
UP Poster and Lithographs 06 Model Railraod Garden Grand Opening 07 Lower Railraod Garden Tunnel 08  

Railroads Days 2009 @ Lauritzen Gardens - Outdoors

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