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Rail Road Flyer June 20th, 09 - After enjoying the Railroad
 Garden, Mike Bruening and I visited railroad
 theme displays at the Lauritzen Garden
 Visitors Center. Later, we saw the UP 844
 Steam Engine at Durham Museum.
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P6200749 P6200750
to Railroad Artwork   O-gauge Module Model Railroad Display HO-Scale Model Train Display to Railroad Paintings and Photographs to Union Pacific Railroad Chorale
In Front  ... Artworks, Modular Layouts. Painting and  ,UP RR Chorale

Floral Display Hall
  Railroad Artwork - on loan from the Union Pacific Railroad Museum

P6200842 P6200843 P6200844 P6200856 P6200857 P6200858
This artwork
display wraps
around the
Model Train
P6200859 P6200860 P6200861 P6200862 P6200863

  O-gauge Module Model Railroad Display - By the Nebraska-Iowa Model Railroaders

P6200845 P6200847
Cutting lumber
This table top
Module layout
Is nested
inside the
Railroad Art
Circus Motion
Old Drilling
Also view similar displays in 06. and 07

Great Hall
  N-Scale T-Trak Modular Layout - by TBRT Railroad.

P6200865 This Layout
 is basted on
T-Track Modular

View similar
display in 08
P6200866 P6200867 P6200868

  HO-Scale Model Train Display  - "F.M. & L.G. Modular Railroad" By the Nebraska-Iowa Model Railroaders

P6200874 P6200870 P6200871 P6200872 P6200875
This is one trip
 around the Layout

A Boat is behind
the caboose
P6200876 P6200877 P6200878 P6200879
Also view similar displays in 08
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Community Room
  Railroad Paintings and Photographs - from the collection of Bill and Anita Kratville.
P6200881 P6200882 P6200883 P6200885 P6200886
P6200888 P6200890
P6200891 P6200894
Mike Bruening (red)
Anita Kratville
P6200896 P6200897 Here in 2006. Anita Kratville displayed
Dining Car China from various railroads

and in 2008, Union Pacific China

Rail Songs in the festival garden
  I enjoy the 1pm performance of the Union Pacific Railroad Chorale over a late lunch.

P6200903 P6200899 P6200900 P6200901 P6200902
I have heard theirs performance Outdoor in 07 , and indoor in 08 (no photos)
"Sign:  thumbnail are displayed out of order for better presentation.

Railroads Days
@ Lauritzen Gardens
UP Poster and Lithographs 06 Model Railraod Garden Grand Opening 07 Lower Railraod Garden Tunnel 08  

Railroads Days 2009 @ Lauritzen Gardens - Indoors

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