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Rail Road Flyer June 20th, 09 - After enjoying the Railroad
 Garden and visiting railroad theme displays
 at the Lauritzen Garden Visitors Center,
 Mike Bruening and I viewed the Union Pacific
 No. 844 Steam Engine at Durham Museum.
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To Trans-Europe Trek  to UP  #844 Steam Engine There were many railroad related
 displays, activates and Crafts here.
Durham Museum

1909 Maxwell DA - The Car of the Alice Ramsey Centennial trek across the US.
Alice Ramsey is the first Woman who drove across the country back in 1909.
   Emily, an De/send/ance of Alice, is make Centennial trek with this car.;

P6200906 P6200907 P6200909
Book Signing @ left
Mike Bruening (red)
The Dash
P6200914 P6200912 P6200915 P6200917 P6200940

This, Care which made an historical
Trans-Europe Trek in Its heyday. Also
 on this Centennial trek across the US
P6200942 P6200943

Union Pacific No. 844 Steam Engine - Display east of the Museum
   It one of the few active Steam Engines left. It made at special trip from its Wyoming home for Railroad days.

P6200919 P6200920
Steve Adams @ Left
P6200921 P6200923
P6200925 P6200926 P6200927
Inside the Cab
The Stream Controls
Museum & Train
P6200931 P6200935 P6200936 P6200938 P6200939
My Friend, Mike Bruening & Union Pacific No. 844 Steam Engine

Railroads Days
@ Durham Museum
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Railroads Days 2009 @ Durham Museum - Outdoor

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