The Pedestrian Bridge Winter Crossing

Saturday February 1th, 09 - Late afternoon, my Friend, Mike Bruening and I,  took a
 winter hike across the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge* to Playland Park in Council
 Bluffs, Iowa and back (The Sun comes out).  Yesterday, Friday Afternoon, a fast moving
 snowstorm come thru the midland and blankets Omaha with 8 inch of snow in a few hours.
Iowa Tower Lights Omaha Skyline from Iowa Back in Omaha topic Official: Missouri River Pedestrian Bridge has discussing & photos of the Construction.
   *An Wikipedia article

Walk to the Bridge,...

P2140886 P2140887 P2140888 P2140890 P2140893 P2140896_Adj
The bridge is behind the Salute  to Labor Sculpture Mike Bruening & Rick's Cafe Backside Wild River!!
P2140897_Adj P2140898 P2140899 P2140902 P2140909 P2140905
Walk north pass the Nebraska bridge tower / Pylon ...  Riverfront Place Tower ... & Up the spiral landing
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... Over the river to ...

P2140910 P2140911 P2140912 P2140913 P2140916_Adj
Touch of snow here & below Park Service Building Winter Reflection New Stadium view
P2140917_Adj P2140918 P2140919 P2140922 P2140923_adj
Path clear to Iowa   My Friend, Mike Gallup Expansion Iowa in sight
P2140925_adj P2140926_Adj P2140928 P2140929 P2140931
Light and Snow on the Iowa side Bridge tower / Pylon Iowa Shore
P2140932 P2140933 P2140934 P2140937
 River in Motion
The low winter sun water reflection Looking back were the
Construction pier was
Mike enjoys the
Winter View

... Playland Park, Council Bluffs, Iowa and ...

P2140942 P2140943 P2140941 P2140944 P2140948
Plans for Park & Public art ... ... with Winter View of the Omaha Skyline
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... Back to Omaha
      The Sun came out on the way back.  It gives the bridge a whole difference winter look!!

P2140949 P2140950 P2140951 P2140952_Adj P2140955
P2140958 P2140959 P2140961 P2140963 P2140966

The Bridge Construction and Previous Crossings 

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The Pedestrian Bridge Winter Crossing

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