Halloween & More @ Lauritzen Garden

Halloween Tree Saturday October 31st, 09 - Jose Patino and I spent Halloween afternoon at
  the Lauritzen Gardens observing the Ghoulish Garden trick or treat Adventure for
  Children, enjoying the fall color of the Victorian Garden and Japanese-inspired
  Landscaping of the indoor Fall Chrysanthemum Show. Also it was my last visited
  to Architecture Wonder of the World exhibit.
Halloween Tree with Web

Halloween Fall Colors Last Visit Japanese Theme
Ghoulish Garden Adventure - Trick-or-Tree Victorian Garden's Fall Colors Architectural Wonders of the World - Eiffel Tower Japanese Garden - Mt Fuij Fall Chrysanthemum Show 09 - Water Feature
Garden Adventure
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Victorian Garden
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Architectural Wonders
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Mt Fuji & Sunpu gate
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   After parking, we pass the parking garden pond and Garden Mums one our to the visitor Center.

PA310696 PA310698 PA310699 PA310700 PA310701
The Pond, Visitor center ... ... the Garden Mums out in front

Ghoulish Garden Adventure
  There were five trick or treat activities stations along the path from the visitor Center to
  the children garden. It was fun to see what garden “scared up” for the Children to do.

PA310704 PA310702 PA310703 PA310705 Map
Map &
Activities Station Info
North Hall    Trick or treat began in the Visitor center
PA310709 PA310706 PA310707 PA310708
Pumpkin Play  ... in the Festival Garden The Handout
PA310710 PA310711 PA310713 PA310714 PA310715
Raptor Recovery ... in the Lower Festival Garden Barn & Short Ear Owl
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We continue with Ghoulish Garden Adventure after visiting the Victorian Garden below.

PA310727 PA310728_Adj PA310729 The path to the
Children Garden
where lined with
signs like this.
Creepy Crawlies .... at the English Perennial Border    
PA310730 PA310731 PA310732 PA310733 PA310757
Trick-or-Tree  ... a the Arboretum entry  
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Victorian Garden's fall Colors
   On our Ghoulish Garden Adventure trek, the fall colors of this garden got my attraction
   and we took  a few minutes to enjoyed them.

PA310717 PA310718 PA310721 PA310719 PA310720
From the Hill    Panorama Sweep  
PA310723 PA310724 PA310725 PA310726 PA310769_Adj
The East side of garden From Above*
  Some thumbnail are displayed out of order for better presentation, *View of Garden on way back to Visitor Center.

Architectural Wonders of the World Closing
   While Jose Patino enjoy watching the trains of the Railroad Garden, I was photographed the "last stand"
   or closing of the Architecture Wonder of the World models. This Exhibit ends November 1 - that tomorrow!

PA310735 PA310736 PA310737_Adj PA310740_Adj Architectural Wonders of the World Booklet Picture Architectural Wonders of the World Booklet Infside
Eiffel Tower Hagia Sophia Tikal & Machu Picchu
PA310741_Adj PA310742_Adj PA310745 PA310748 PA310749
Boudhanath Stupa Lighthouse of Alexandria  & Himeji Castle
PA310750 PA310751 PA310752 PA310753_Adj PA310754
Petra Above Eiffel Tower Taj Mahal ...  .... with Moai Field of Wonders
PA310755_Adj PA310756 The Model Railroad Garden
were decorated for Halloween


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Japanese Garden - In late day sunlight

PA310761_Adj PA310759 PA310763 PA310765 PA310768
Mt Fuji Sunpu Castle Gate Replica View from Mt Fuji
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Fall Chrysanthemum Show 09
  Before heading out for dinner, we viewed the Japanese-inspired landscaping of the
  Fall Chrysanthemum Show in the Visitor Center’s Floral Hall. It runs Fri Oct. 2 thru Sun, Nov 22

Show Info
PA310770 PA310772 PA310773 PA310774_Adj
Water Landscape
Japanese Lenten
In motion
PA310783 PA310785_Adj
Sunpu Castle ..
.. gate Model
PA310787 PA310788
Sake Garden
Zigzag Bridge info
PA310792 PA310796
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The Fall
Chrysanthemum Show

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Halloween & More @ Lauritzen Garden

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