"MUVUCA - The Carnival of Cultures"

Saturday, March 7th, 2009 - This is the title of University of Nebraska at Omaha's
 37th Annual International Banquet, held 6:30 pm, at The Milo Bail Student Center
 ballroom.  Enjoyed this Carnival of Cultures worldwide through Food, international
 Student talentsand fashions.  An Artist made Impression Sketch of each act.  
Banqent Program Front Ballywood dance - in the Talent Show Holding  Impression Sketchs of talent show acts

The  MBSC Atrium International Flags Display - Clockwise from South / the Stairway Down

P3071088 P3071087 P3071086 P3071085 P3071089 P3071090
  Some thumbnail are displayed out of order for better presentation.

Before the Banquet -
in the Ballroom Bandquet Ticket

P3071098 P3071101 P3071108 P3071109 P3071112 P3071117
Early Arriver Taking Tickets Laos Dancer Nepal Student Mixed Saudi Arabia

The Banquet begins

 Greeting & Dinner  Top fo the Banquet Menu
P3071114 P3071118 P3071119 P3071120 P3071121 P3071122
Menu & Program
for everyone
Mistress & Master of Ceremonies
Ayaka Fukuzaki & Junior Chongo
Stari Tangeman &
Martt Nelson
ISS Advisor
Erin Cron
ISS Director
Gabriel Earl
P3071113 P3071123 P3071128 P3071129 P3071132 P3071133 P3071134
Coxinha De Galinha
Dinner Music by Nepal Rock Band
P3071141 P3071143 P3071144 P3071145 P3071147 P3071149
The Buffet Lines My Table MY Dinner

On Stage
- Artist Gerand Pefung made real-time impression sketch of every Act.

The Talent Show  The Carnival of Cultures Rays
P3071153 P3071156 P3071161 P3071164 P3071168 P3071199
Latin America: Merengue & Bachata China: Pianist ... ... impression
P3071170 P3071171 P3071174 P3071198 P3071178 P3071180
Laos: Festival Dance ... as Art > Sigma Lambda-Beta Latin Fraternity:
The Stoll ...
P3071197 P3071184 P3071185 P3071189 P3071192_Cropped P3071195
... preserved Africa (Cameroon, Nigeria, Tago, Kenya, Ghana, & Zambia): Mix dance
P3071202 P3071206 P3071208 P3071209 P3071211 P3071214
Iran:Persian dance.... ... Interpreted Oman: "I love my country" traditional dance  ... Stylized
P3071215 P3071217 P3071218 P3071222 P3071224 P3071225
Nepal: Napali folk dance ... ... impressed Saudi Arabia: Traditional Dance...
P3071227 P3071231 P3071233 P3071246 P3071235 P3071238
... off stage .... (Continues) and in art India: Ballywood dance ....
P3071240 P3071244 P3071245 P3071249 P3071250 P3071251
 Continues .... ... in a sketch Benin: Benin dance
P3071252 P3071256 P3071257 P3071260 P3071262  
Japan: Yosokai Traditional Dance.... ... impression  
The Fashion Show  The Carnival of Cultures Rays
Not Pictured P3071263 P3071264_Vert P3071265 P3071266  
Oman India? Vietnam Laos  
P3071267_Cropped P3071268 P3071269 P3071270 P3071271  
Africa? Iran Saudi Arabia Nepal Japan  
Banquet Art Gerand's Artest Pallet Group Photo
P3071273 P3071277 The presentation of the
 Impression Sketch of each Act
by the Artist Gerand Pefung

Fast Video Sweep
Impression Sketch P3071279
Impression Sketches thumbnail above are shown in order Sketches were drawn. Saudi Arabia

Select International Students

P3071104 P3071105 P3071137 P3071176 P3071281 P3071282
Abel Djencoh - Chad Wei Wang - China Wilson Sevgia - Creighton U. student from Panama
  *Note: Picture of webmaster, Steve Adams with Wei Wang and Wilson Sevgi

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"MUVUCA - The Carnival of Cultures"

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