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Sunday August 30th , 09 - This Morning Mother and I waited over 2 hours both inside
  and outside the Durham Museum to see the promotional and behind the scene
  displays of the upcoming Disney's Christmas Carol movie inside the train
  parked just south of Museum.  Afterward we viewed a sneak preview of the movie.
Insde the Train - Scale Model Dispaly View Train & Waiting Line

The Long Wait
   We waited in the line that folded several times between benches in the south portion of the lobby,
   doubled back in the Union Station Gallery, South of Lobby

P8300360 P8300362 P8300364 P8300366 P8300369
... Down the east stairs... ... doubled back in the Trish & Dick Davidson Gallery and ...
P8300371 P8300374
Above: The line on stairs and next to train cars ...
Dickens era Caroler sings in the lower level
.. and line continues out the door.
P8300377 P8300380 P8300382 P8300383 P8300384
Look East from door The ticket   Look west ... .... train entry

Inside the Train
    Finally, we toured Disney's Christmas Carol Train's
   4 displays cars. 4o minute goes by in a flash
Flyer FrontTrain from Lower left corner of the mapTo Train tour Map

First Car - This car has Artifacts on loan from Charles Dickens' Museum in London.

P8300385 P8300387 P8300388 P8300390 P8300391
P8300393 P8300394 P8300395
Above:  The Portrait Gallery
   Character Images from Movie
Next to corresponding costume 

  The Landscape Gallery
  Framed  flat screens feature
  movie Concept art

Second Car – Showcase various scale models use in making of the movie.

P8300396 P8300398 P8300403 P8300404 P8300405
Big Ben sweep Carriage Hearse, Fred's House, Scrooge's Office

Second Car Middle – Show motion/performance Capture technology - Sound stage

P8300406 P8300407 Last galley not photographed – the Tunnel of Technology
   Display on HP monitor, highlights various stage of
   Production from motion Capture to final Rending

Third & Forth Car - Mission Control & Christmas Spirit Parlor Car

P8300408 Third car:  We use HP TouchSmart PC to
  explore Dickens London envision by the
  movie and to morph our faces into a
  character from the movie. Me: Tiny Tim

Forth Car:  This parlor get us in Holiday
  festive  before leaving the train.
P8300409 P8300410

Sneak Peak & View Train
   After touring the train, up on the museum's parking in a (air supported) theater tent that resemble a
   Dickens' era London Building, a we saw 15-minute sneak peek of Disney's A Christmas Carol in 3D.
   before leaving, we viewed the train from the 10th-street verdict and on track level east of museum

P8300413 P8300414 P8300416 P8300417 P8300418
The Theater Train & waiting line viewed from the 10th street verdict
P8300419 P8300421
Left: Just east of the Museum, looking
    west, the Train and its locomotive

Right: Bus for  the train display craw

The day after Labor Day, 2009, I viewed Robert D. West’s Christmas in July - Disney’s a Christmas Carol
Train Tour page. The Train Consist section toward bottom of the page got my my attention. He has done
research on the train's locomotives and cars.

Disney's Christmas Carol Train @ Durham Museum

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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