Omaha Chinese New Years Party 09

Saturday February 7th, 09  - Today my friend, Jose Patio, and
 I attended the city-wide Chinese New Year Party at Christ
 Community Church. There were various Chinese Culture Activities
 before the Authentic Chinese Dinner andNew Year Celebration
Chinese Culture Activities Authentic Chinese Dinner New Year Celebration

Omaha Chinese Culture Association is one of Omaha's Chinese
   Societies that host the party - see Last page of Program
Program Title

Arriving - Via Atrium to Gym - The Year of the OX

P2070584_Adj P2070585 P2070586_Adj
See activates below
 Leaving the Atrium
Signs of the event in the Atrium. New Year Trimming  
P2070590 P2070592 P2070594 P2070596 P2070597
American Family
Bottled Water Dr Chen, Wei Wang The Gym - our Hall
ConAgra food bag is at every chair

Chinese Culture Activities - In the classrooms north of gym.

P2070598 P2070602 P2070603 P2070604_Adj Chinese Costume

The costumes are
in the hall
Tian Zhang
in brown
P2070606 P2070607 P2070608 In the next room
Kids Activities

Calligraphy ...
P2070609 P2070610 P2070611 P2070613 ... and Art & Craft

Dinner Time - From the Kitchen to gym - to serve 500+.  Omaha Chinese New Year Dinner Ticket Dinner Ticket Required

P2070617 P2070618 P2070616 P2070614
Prepare Dinner
In church kitchen  
Late arrive
Larry Uebner
Waiting for Dinner Craft for sale
P2070622 P2070621 P2070623 P2070624 P2070626
Serving The Authentic Chinese meal Enjoying
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New Year Celebration - On the gym's Stage. - Info:
Program Title
P2070627 P2070628 P2070630 P2070633 P2070637
The Stage MC Ox Dance   Lion Dance
P2070641 P2070643 P2070646 P2070647 P2070650
More Lion Dance ... in Action  
P2070651 P2070653_Adj P2070654_Chopped P2070655 P2070656
  Solo Vocal -Male:
 Where the Peach Blossoms Bloom
  TaiChi Fan Dance
P2070658 P2070659 P2070664 P2070665 P2070666
More TaiChi Fan Dance ... in action 3rd Prize Drawing Vocal: You and Me
P2070668 P2070668_II P2070672_Vert P2070677 P2070678
Solo Vocal - Female: You and Me   Violin and Flue Ensemble:
 Liang Zhu - Butterfly Lovers
P2070682 P2070686 P2070687 P2070692 P2070694
More Violin Singing Duet: Mama's Baby 2nd Prize Drawing
P2070697 P2070698 P2070699 P2070701 P2070704
Dancing Duet: Mongolian Dance Chinese Traditional Opera Songs
P2070705 P2070709 P2070711 P2070714 P2070715
More Opera  Start of the- Tibetan Dance: Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
P2070719 P2070720 P2070722 P2070723 P2070728
More Dance 1st Prize Drawing Solo Vocal - Male: My Sun  
P2070731 P2070732 P2070735 P2070736 P2070738
Choir "Same Song"

Afterward - Outside the gym.

Three Ladies P2070740 P2070743 Left: Wei Wang

Right: Webmaster
Steve Adams

  Omaha Chinese New Years celebration Photos
    by the Omaha Chinese Culture Association
Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Lady Lion Dance TaiChi Fan Dance  

Omaha Chinese New Years Party 09

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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