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Sunday, March 15 -  I photographed 9 can sculpture displays of the Canstruction Omaha:
 The Omaha Food Bank's  22nd annual Can Festival Display, ran March 15-29th on the
 Lower Level of Westroads Mall's Von Maur Court.    Here are The Canstruction Results!
ConStruction Omaha 09 Info Sign April 22nd Canstruction Award Ceremony 
One of nation-wide Canstruction Event Cans Festival 05, 06, 07 & 08

Panera Bread Set up Derby Duck Baby & Bottle from Above America “Can-Do” Spirit Hungry Hungry Hippos Like Taking CANdy from a Bady! Mii and You: Together Wii Can Make a Difference A Classic Boxed Lunch Iron Worker Space Shuttle Wall-E Television_Coverage - KETV Panera Bread Free Sample Tent
South Atrium &  Above 9 Can Displays ... South to North toward the Central Atrium TV  & Food
  Note: All photos were taken before mall hours with two other Omaha Food bank photographers.
  Ropes & posts were put up after Sunday photography.

The South Atrium - Morning
ASetUp_1 ASetUp_2 ASetUp_3 ASetUp_4 ASetUp_5  
Panera Bread, the sponsor of Canstruction 09, up their free sample tent 8:45-9:00 am  
CanStruction_01_1 CanStruction_01_a CanStruction_01_b CanStruction_01_c CanStruction_01_d CanStruction_00_a CanStruction_00_2
The Food Bank's Board of Directors / Holland Basham Architects - Derby Duck   Vote!!

Click on each team Name to see the team building their sculpture on overnight March 15.

View from Above ... ... From the Upper Lever The South End
CanStruction_01_e CanStruction_00_b CanStruction_00_c CanStruction_00_d  - Across S. atrium from Von Maur

CanStruction_00_e CanStruction_00_f
.... of the Derby DuckBaby & Bottle, and Wii Family America “Can-Do” Spirit to Lunch Box

CanStruction_02_1 CanStruction_02_a CanStruction_02_b CanStruction_02_c CanStruction_02_d CanStruction_02_e CanStruction_02_f
AAA Nebraska - America “Can-Do” Spirit - American Flag Best use of Labels RibbonBest Use
 of Labels*

CanStruction_03_1 CanStruction_03_a CanStruction_03_b CanStruction_03_c CanStruction_03_d CanStruction_03_e
Kiewit Building Group - Hungry Hungry Hippos President's Choicie Award RibbonPresident's
Choice Award*
  The right most or last photo above were taken before the March 18th Awards Ceremony.

CanStruction_04_1 CanStruction_04_a CanStruction_04_b CanStruction_04_c CanStruction_04_d CanStruction_04_e CanStruction_04_f
Old Chicago & RockBottom Foundation / Prochaska & Associates
Like Taking CANdy from a Bady!
Juror's Favirute & Pople's Choice Award People's
Choice Award*
  The right most or last photo above were taken before the March 18th Awards Ceremony.

CanStruction_05_1  CanStruction_05_a CanStruction_05_b CanStruction_05_c CanStruction_05_d CanStruction_05_e
  CanStruction_05_f CanStruction_05_g CanStruction_05_h CanStruction_05_i
PayPal  /  Tami Brinkhous, Engineer
Mii and You: Together Wii Can Make a Difference
Blue RibbonBest Meal*

CanStruction_06_1  CanStruction_06_a CanStruction_06_b CanStruction_06_c  
  CanStruction_06_d CanStruction_06_e CanStruction_06_f CanStruction_06_g.
DLG Group - A Classic Boxed Lunch Honorable Mention RibbonHonorable

CanStruction_07_1 CanStruction_07_a CanStruction_07_b CanStruction_07_c CanStruction_07_d CanStruction_07_e CanStruction_07_f
Drake Williams Steel / RDG Planning & Design
Iron Worker
Honoragle Mention RibbonHonorable Mention*

CanStruction_08_1 CanStruction_08_a CanStruction_08_b CanStruction_08_c CanStruction_08_d CanStruction_08_e
Arnold Air Society / UNO engineering - Space Shuttle  

CanStruction_09_a CanStruction_09_b CanStruction_09_c 
CanStruction_09_d CanStruction_09_e CanStruction_09_f
The North End
 - S.E. of Mall's Center Atrium


Bland & Associate / HDR Design
Stuctural Ingenuity Ribbon Structural Ingenuity  

Television Coverage
Ch7, KETV taped Canstruction construction & judging, above. Also on Ch 6, WOWT

The South Atrium - Noon Hour
Panera_01 Panera_03 Panera_04 Panera_02 Panera_10 Panera_11
Panera_05 Panera_06 Panera_07 Panera_08 Panera_09
Panera Bread gives out free samples all day, March 15 2009, in the Von Maur Court  

*All Ribbon and awards were given out at the April 18th Canstruction 09' Awards Ceremony
  All on Ribbon on sign photos were taken about 1pm, March 22nd, 2009

Canstruction Omaha 09

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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