Fountains & Mosaics in Council Bluffs

Saturday May, 9th - This Afternoon, after Jose and I enjoyed a German sausage
 at the Celebrate CB's Taste of Council Bluffs; we hiked around Bayliss Park
 Fountain and south thru downtown Council Bluffs Historical Haymarket district 
 and back. I photographed Historical themed mosaics on street corner.
Rock Island Depot Mosaic The Fountain South of West Broadway

Bayliss Park & Haymarket Walk

P5090276 P5090277 P5090279 P5090280 Google Map of Walk Route
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After the walk around  Bayliss Park Fountain, above, We hiked South/North thru
Historical Haymarket District See Map at left for route description.

Below are Street Corner Mosaics of Council Bluffs history - Roughly South to North.
P5090281 P5090282 P5090283 P5090284
P5090285 P5090286 P5090287 P5090288  
  P5090289 P5090290 P5090291 P5090292
Willow Street &
Main Street

P5090293 P5090294 P5090295 P5090296
1st Avenue &
 Main Street

P5090297 P5090298 P5090300 P5090301

Back to Bayliss Park
   After walking around the Fountain, below, just south of West Broadway,
   we hiked back to Bayliss Park on Pearl Street.

P5090302 P5090303 P5090304 P5090305 P5090306
1st Avenue & Pearl Street, NE corner of Bayliss Park - NE NW SW SE

Fountains & Mosaics in Council Bluffs

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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