2009 April to July Highlights

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A bed of Pensy In Front
Apr 15th - Gone with Winds Flower Show
@ Lauritzen Gardens
Has 37 Pictures
Flower show Central Arbor - Gone with the Wind Flower Show A Orchid Indoor
Information in the train shed
... & Architectural Wonders of the World
@ Lauritzen Gardens
Has 37 Pictures
Eiffel Tower Model Lighthouse of Alexandria Great Pyramid  of Khufu & Great Sphinx of Giza
Victorian Garden Pansy Face in the VIne
May 3rd - Living Garden Performances
@ Lauritzen Gardens
Has 70 Pictures
Between Performance - Architechtural Wonder Exhibit DiVine- Performance  @ Arboretum / Garden in the Glen
Bayliss Park Fountain
May 9th - Fountains & Mosaic
@ Bayliss Park & on Haymarket Are, Council Bluffs
Has 30 Pictures
Rock Island Depot Mosaic The Fountain South of West Broadway
The First Tower Pachyderm Hill Skyfari wheel
May 16th - Skyfari, Butterflies & Fishes
@ Henry Doorly Zoo
Has 61 Pictures
One Huge Butterfly Inside Scott Aquarium's Shark Tunnel
 Traveling Memorial Wall By-fold Info WW II Wall & Display
May 23rd - Memorial Wall & Display
@ Holiday Inn Central ballroom
Has 28 Pictures
Model of the USS Arizona To Victname Wall and List of Casualties of Other Conflicts
RFP Suite 502 View of Iowa Shore
May 31st - Riverfront Place Views
On the Downtown Living Tours
Has 17 Pictures
FRP Suite 702 View of Heartland of American park RFP Suite 803 View of the Energy Center Mural
"The Circus" by PayPal
May 16th - Sand in the City 09
@ Qwest Center Omaha Parking Lot D
Has 74+2 Pictures 
professional team Sand Sculptures Sand Dollars Voting
Model Railroad Garden - Lauritzen Gardens - Outdoors
June 20th - Railroads Days 09 ...
Has 133+1 Pictures on 3 pages
Railroad Artwork - Lauritzen Gardens - Indoors Union Pacific No. 844 - Durham Museum - Outdoor
to Victorian Garden
... Lauritzen Gardens - Outdoors
Has 54 Pictures
Architectural Wonders of the World Exhibit Climbing Mt Fuij
Listening to “Let Freedom Ring” Campanile Concert
July 4th - 4th of July 2009
Has 90 Pictures
Food at Viewing party Huge Flag in Parada
 On the Beach - Haystack Rocks  @ Connon Beach Sand in the City Porlland
July 16-21st - Portland Oregon
Has 738+ Pictures  on 5 of 7 pages
The Flat Garden @ Portland Japanese Garden Bowtie of Shepperds Dell Falls - Columbia River Gorge
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