2009 January to March Highlights

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Walk to Fireworks - leaving ConAgra Campus.
Dec 31st - New Year Eve 09 Fireworks
 @ Gene Leahy Mall
Has 20 Pictures
Waiting for the Fireworks - Gene Leahy Mall Frist National Bank Friworks
Live Band
Dec. 31- Jan 1st - GAMe New Year Party
 @ 1314 Jones Street - Old Market
Has 82 Pictures in chronical order
Playing Guitar Hero Rocking in 2009! Pancake Breakfast
  - Holidays 2008 Ends -  
Girl Scout Cookie Train 09 - Openng Day
Jan. 2nd & 10th - Girl Scout Cookie Train 09
Daisy’s Pearls Picture - She Started Girl Scout. @ The Durham Museum
Has 55 Pictures
Closeup of the Cookie Train Cars Girl Scout Cookie Train Week Later
The front of St. Cecilia Cathedral
Jan 24th - Quilts & Flower
 @ St. Cecilia Cathedral
Has 83 Pictures
"Around the World" in the South hall Harp Music in the Chapel
Stand for the National Anthem before Game
February 1st - GAMe Superbowl Party 09
 @ 1314 Jones Street - Old Market
Has 52 Pictures
Half Time game of Boxer Briefs Seesaw fourth-quarter
Chinese Culture Activities
Feb 7th - Omaha Chinese New Years 09  
 @ Christ Community Church
Has 85 Pictures
Authentic Chinese Dinner New Year Celebration Choir "Same Song"
Trek to Iowa
Feb 14th - Pedestrian Bridge in Winter  
Has 47 Pictures
Omaha Skyline from Iowa Back in Omaha
Greeting & Dinner
Mar 7th - "The Carnival of Cultures"
Impression Sketch of "The Carnival of Cultures" by by Gerard Pefung@ UNO's Milo Bail Student Center
Has 67 Pictures
Yosokai Traditional Dance - in the Talent Show Holding Impression Sketchs of talent show acts
Like Taking CANdy from a Bady!
Mar 15th - Canstruction 09
@ Westroads Mall
Has 96+ Pictures
On Mar 18th
    Has 38 photos
Award & Ribbon - Honorable Mention Best Meal
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