I'll be Home for Christmas Musical

Saturday December 20th - I attended the 3:00 PM
 performance of the Christ Community Church
 Christmas musical  "I'll be Home for Christmas"

  It is story of a family listening to KJOY, the
  days before the start of WWII, December 41
First Half - Radio Studio Intermssion - the Orchestra Second Half - Listing to Radio
First, Intermission & Second Half
Postcard The Muscial program
Postcard & Program

Atrium & Auditorium - Before the drama

PC201413 PC201414 PC201416 PC201417 PC201418  
View from right balcony, 40 min. before @ Top of stair A Atrium Snowflake A stylized Christmas Tree
PC201421 PC201422 PC201423 PC201430 PC201432  
Toy drive Box Mid-atrium table decoration & trees  
PC201434 PC201437 PC201439 PC201445 PC201446  
  Christmas Piano Music by Andrew Christ Piano Music   Before the show  

Musical Setting The Setting The Muscial program
 The Howard West Family's Apartment and Radio Station KJOY's Studios
 in San Francisco, California. This text is from the musical program.

First Half - Scene I-III
   #1: Thanksgiving Day November 27th, 1941, #2:  Monday December 1, #3: Wednesday December 3

Word from Pastor
PC201452 PC201455
The Orchestra Christ Piano Music
PC201458 PC201460 PC201462 PC201463 PC201466
PC201468 PC201469 PC201470_DB
Dance to Radio
PC201472 PC201473
PC201474 PC201476 PC201477 PC201480 PC201482_DB
Radio Solo
PC201483 PC201484 PC201486 PC201487 PC201488
PC201490 PC201491 PC201492 PC201494 PC201495
PC201498 PC201501
Orchestra/Choir Christ Piano Music
PC201504 PC201506
Shadow knowsChrist Piano Music
PC201510 PC201511 PC201513 PC201515  


PC201516 PC201517 PC201519 PC201520 PC201522 PC201524
  Interview an World War II Vet. Studio Orchestra Intermission Music

Second Half - Scene 4-5
   #3: Thursday December 4,1941,  #4: Wednesday December 7, 1941 (the day of Attack on Pearl Harbor)

PC201525 PC201526 PC201527 PC201529 PC201530
Pearl Harbor Attack
PC201537 PC201540 PC201541 PC201543 PC201544
PC201545 PC201546 PC201548 PC201550 PC201552
PC201554 PC201555 KJOY's Christmas Program

 Final words
 from the Pastor 

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I'll be Home for Christmas

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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