Holiday Poinsettia Show 2008

Thursday, December 18th - Early  Afternoon my family viewed the Holiday
  Poinsettia Show
indoor at the Lauritzen Gardens' Visitor & Education Center.
  The display includes three antique sleighs and a running model trains UP
   & Lionel. The Holidays Stars are high above The poinsettias in the Floral Hall.
Poinsettia Close Up The Hoildays Stars Above

The Poinsettia Show - In Floral Hall below the first row of photos.

PC181348 PC181352 PC181385 PC181349 PC181356
Parking Lot Garden The Sitting Area Sign of the Show
PC181357 PC181354 PC181362 PC181369 PC181387
  My Family The Overview
PC181357_Sign PC181366 PC181378 PC181386 PC181391
The Story of the Poinsettia Poinsettia Close-ups
PC181363 PC181365 PC181364 PC181382 PC181383
Holiday Tree - Fraser Fir (Abies Fraseri) ... with decoration.
PC181372 PC181352 PC181371 PC181359 PC181361
Sleigh Bells Rings.. One in sitting area ... and two more Antique Sleigh in the Floral Hall.
PC181360 PC181358 PC181381 PC181389 PC181395
Union Pacific Model Trains ... In Motion - One UP Train circles the sleigh above .
PC181376 PC181374 PC181375 PC181379 PC181384
Painting of the
Model RR Garden
The Lionel Model Train  ... In Motion  Self - Portrait
Thumbnail are displayed out of order for Theme presentation.

Previous Year Musical
Reflection Pool The Poinsetta Close Up 2006
Outside the foral Hall Ball Refection 2007
With Pat
Center High School Moddel at Holiday Poinsettia Show Back at Visitor Center- Lit RR Garden Building

Holidays Stars

PC181393 PC181392 There are scattered high above
The Poinsettias Show
 in the Floral Hall.

Holiday Poinsettia Show 2008

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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