"Christmas Around the World" Omaha

Saturday December 27th, 08 - Before visiting the Kanesville Tabernacle in
  Council Bluff, Iowa.   I viewed the 2008 Parade of Gingerbread display
  "Christmas Around the world" Omaha edition at the Mormon Trail Center.
  It is on the site of Historical winter Quarter in Florence - NE. Omaha.
Stars of World Flags Tree Display at Mormon Trail Center

Gingerbread "Home" Display

PC271620 PC271621 PC271622 PC271623 PC271624
"Bear" greeting Nativity Scene Red Roofed German Village

Oh Holy Night

Holland Farmhouse
and Windmill

4-H Four Corners
around the world
Christmas Down Under ...
PC271639 PC271641 PC271642

God So Loved the
World - John 3:16
PC271645 PC271647
... Produce Faith in God of “Effiel Tower”
PC271643 PC271648 PC271649 PC271652 PC271653
  Nuclear Plant Our Christmas Ornaments
PC271655 PC271658 PC271659 PC271663 PC271665
Camden’s Castle Barrio De Omaha - Mexico “Nativity Scenes around the World” ....
PC271666 PC271667 PC271668 PC271669 PC271671
The Symbols
of Christmas
....  Latino & North America,   Asia,  India,   Australia
PC271673 PC271675 PC271676 PC271678  
(Boats) Sailing
Around the world
Red Roofed
German Village
Gingerbread Posada  

Previous Year Displays

1st & 2nd
Our Heritage
2005 Gingergread Display 2006
Song of
the Heart
4-Scencs Nativity Carousel 2007
Salt Lake City Angel

Christmas Trees
  Similar to previous years, the trees were displayed on room edge, mainly the west & South wall.

Left of Entrance & West Wall: South to North
PC271680 PC271681 PC271683 PC271685 PC271686
Left of Front Door
Stars, hearts & Lanterns
"Flag Tree"
With each country info.
"Christmas Around the World"  Tick Flag Tree
Below each tick flag has the county word for "Jesus Christ"
PC271687 PC271688 PC271689 PC271690 PC271691
"Santa Around the World" Tree  .... including name of Santa  for Poland, Japan, Finland, China ...
PC271692 PC271694 PC271695 PC271696 PC271697
... an Norway Fireplace "Card Tree" "Cookie Snowflake" Tree

Clockwise view:  North to South wall
PC271701 PC271702 PC271703 PC271704 PC271705
"Flag Tree" "Japan Tree" - By north Hall
PC271707 PC271708 PC271709 PC271710 PC271712
N.E. Corner Ring of Flags Folded Paper Bird tree with fans, ... Asian
PC271713 PC271714 PC271715 PC271716 PC271717
 Say "First Noël"
in World's Languages 
Stars of World Flags Tree @  Center of the East Wall
PC271718 PC271719 PC271720 PC271721 In the
S.E. Corner

The World at
Peace Tree

  These are some of the 2008 Christmas Trees   Mormon Trail Center's 2005, 2006, 2007  tree display 

"Christmas Around the World" Omaha

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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