"Christmas Around the World" Council Bluffs

Saturday December 27th, 08 - After visiting the Mormon Trail Center in Omaha
  I viewed the 2008 Parade of Gingerbread display titled "Christmas Around
   the world" Council Bluff edition at the Kanesville Tabernacle. It west rebuilt
  in 1996 for the Mormons Trek West Sesquicentennial.
Christmas Tree & Decoration Display at Mormon Trail Center

Arriving at Kanesville Tabernacle

Display Info
It Here
Just step inside
PC271726 PC271728

Gingerbread "Home" Display

PC271729 PC271730 PC271732 PC271734 PC271735
Just inside "Reason for the Season" – The birth of our Savior   The Old Market
PC271737 PC271738 PC271740 PC271741 PC271742
Nativity Scenes
The Nativity The Island Greeting South Pole Vyšehrad Cz
& Irish Christmas
PC271743 PC271744 PC271745 PC271746 PC271748
  "Eden’s" Little House Holiday
on the beach
Put on the
Whole Armor of God
Merry Christmas
 from the ...
PC271750 PC271751 PC271753 PC271754 PC271756
 ... King & Queen German Christmas Pyramid Windmill
PC271758 PC271759 PC271760 PC271764 PC271765
“Merry Christmas” Around the World Egyptian Christmas
PC271762 PC271767 PC271768 PC271769 PC271772
Austrian Alpine
Guest House
Pioneer Village
A Collection of
Gingerbread Homes
Welcome to
 Santa’s Inn
It's All About Love
PC271773 PC271776 PC271778 PC271782 PC271784
Mongolian Life God's Church Christmas
Around the World
  My Friend
Mike Bruening
PC271785 PC271786 PC271789 PC271790
Click for details
L: Egyptian Christmas Christmas Cottage Santa Right: Candyland  
PC271792 PC271795    
Ta-BEAR-nacle Choir African Pride Rock    

Previous Year Displays

Song of
the Heart
Gingerbread Display At Kanesville Tabernacle 2007
"The Night Before Christmas" Spire Tree by the back Boor  

Christmas Trees

PC271797 PC271798 PC271799 PC271801 PC271803
PC271804 PC271805 PC271806 PC271807  

  These are some of the 2008 Christmas Trees   Kanesville Tabernacle's 2006, 2007  tree display 

"Christmas Around the World" Council Bluffs

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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