New Year Eve 09 Fireworks

Thursday December 31st, 2008 - before the Great Adventure Ministries'
 "Rock in New Year" Party. My Friend Jose Patio and I viewed the Holiday
  Lights Festival - First National Bank Fireworks from the Gene Leahy Mall.
Waiting for the Fireworks - Gene Leahy Mall The Fireworks from 14th & Farman

Walk to…
  We parked near GAMe old market’s location and walked to the Gene Leahy Mall
  by the way of ConAgra Campus.

PC311818 PC311819 PC311822 PC311824 PC311825
12th & Howard We walked toward the ConAgra's Clock tower from 10th & Farnam and back.

& Wait for ….
  Everyone gathered at Gene Leahy Mall, looking west, toward First National tower,
  thinking the fireworks were to be shoot off there but

PC311829 PC311830 PC311831 PC311835 PC311836 PC311837
The view from behind the Burlington Building to south of the Slides

The Fireworks
 They were shot off from the Heart Land of America Park. After  sound of the first fireworks,
  everyone moved to the north side of Farnam Street and watched the show through the trees.

PC311839 PC311840 PC311841 PC311845 The
Fireworks Sign
Just west of
PC311846 PC311847
Experience ...
...The Final :21
PC311848 PC311869
My view of Fireworks were from north of the slide and east of the 14th street Arches

Previous Year Fireworks Display

ConAgra Foods Fireworks
"O! What a Glow"
The Fireworks

New Year Eve 09 Fireworks

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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