Cookies & Trees Christmas Pageant

To "Cookies & Tree" Program Wednesday, December 17th - My family and I  attended the 7 PM performance of the
 Westside Church's Christmas play "Cookies & Trees".

The story revolved around the possible closure of Sweet Dream cookies shop and
Christmas gossip at Tree & Treasures Tree farm, including reading of the Nativity story
The Nativity The Lamb of God

Before the Play - various view of the "Stage" - Free ticket is required to attend this play

PC171224 PC171225 PC171222 PC171233 PC171232 Tickiet to Musical
The Ticket

View from my Seat View from top of the left balcony  
PC171227 PC171228 PC171229 PC171231 PC171235 Cookie
View from Main Floor Animal Tent Word from Pastor The Cookie

Act I - Discussing of possible closure of Sweet Dream, Christmas gossip at Tree & Treasures

PC171238 PC171239 PC171241 PC171242 PC171243 Act I Program (left side)
'tie The Season Medley - Christ Piano Music in motion Scene One - Sweet Dreams Program
PC171245 PC171247 PC171248 PC171250 PC171252  
Scene One Don't Leave Jesus Off Your Christmas List Scene Two - Trees  
PC171253 PC171254 PC171255 PC171259 PC171261  
Sleigh Ride Medley Scene  Three  
PC171262 PC171263 PC171264 PC171265 PC171266_Cropped  
Scene  Three Cookies & Trees Scene Four  
The Thought that
Counts Blues
Scene Five
Scene Six
Brand New Christmas
Scene Seven

Act II - Reading the Nativity story from back of Card at Sweet Dream.

PC171278 PC171281 PC171283 PC171285 PC171286 Act II Progam (Right Side)
PC171287 PC171288 PC171290 PC171291 PC171294 Program
PC171295 PC171296
Christ Piano Music in motion
PC171304 PC171305
Christ Piano Music in motion
Christ Piano Music in motion before
PC171313 PC171316  

Act III - Good News: Sweet Dream is not closure. It is in good hands

PC171317 PC171318 PC171319 PC171320 PC171321 PC171323
Good News God is Love Few words from the Pastor

Gift of cookie Cookie Nativity Story  on Card Back
 After ACT III, everyone in the audience
 a received a Cookie and Card with Nativity
 Story on back.

Finale - Only the Lamb of God & Unto the Lamb

PC171327 PC171330 PC171331 PC171333 PC171334 Finaile Progam (Right Side)
PC171336 PC171337 PC171338 PC171340 PC171341 Program

The Perfect
Act I - Moving Out Christ's Stable Christ on the Throne

"Cookies & Trees" Christmas Pageant

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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