Step Out 08 - Morning @ Christ Community Church

Step On Logo on White August 24, 2008 - This Morning everyone at Christ Community Church (ccc)
 received their work assignment, wear their blue Step Out and Serve 2008
 blue t-shirt to worship and New Community Groups. Volunteer in kitchen
 made lunches for everyone. Even 46 School bus came and ready to
 takee veryone to their worksites.
Parparing Lunch Buses in Back

P8240653 P8240656 P8240657 P8240658 P8240660
Before Worship some look up their worksite assignment in the atrium.

During 9:00am Worship

P8240662 P8240664 P8240665 P8240666 P8240668
The Lead Pastor Mark Ashton in his Step Out T-shirt, gave his last message
on the Sermon on the Mount Series at the being of the Traditions service.

Making Lunches

  Meals were prepared for 2100, including total of 500 meals for 5 other churches.

 In Motion :04
In Motion :06
P8240688 P8240700
In Motion :10
In Motion :06
P8240718 P8240717 Above:
Wrap Main Course

Bottled Water

Package Lunch
packing Instruction 
In Motion :12
  Some thumbnails were rearrange for better presentation

End of 9:00 am Access Worship

P8240710 P8240711 P8240713 P8240715
The Pastor Mark Ashton gives the same message at the end of Access Service

Between Services
    The Blue Step Out and Serve 2008 t-shirt were everywhere in the atrium, even in the coffee shop!
    Some look up up their worksite assignment at the information "Circle".

P8240724 P8240725 P8240726 P8240727 P8240728
P8240733 P8240731 P8240753 P8240755 P8240756
Photo taken before ... ... After Visiting Bus out  Front

Buses Out Front
   Between Services, Six buses were sitting in the circle drive out front, waiting
   to take volunteers to Camp Rivercrest and other distant worksite.

P8240735 P8240736 P8240737 P8240740 P8240741
P8240744 P8240746 P8240747 P8240749 P8240751

During 10:45am Worship

P8240757 P8240759 P8240762 P8240764
S.A.L.T Class In the Word On the Move
P8240765 P8240763 P8240768 P8240769
Lunch ready to serve Contemporary Service Music

Buses Out Back
By 11:15am, 40+ bussed has roll to south end of the parking lot.
  Sea of blue Step Out and Serve 2008 T-shirt is everywhere.

P8240770 P8240773 P8240772 P8240775 P8240776
Buses covers the parking lot south tip.  
P8240778 P8240781 P8240782 P8240784 P8240786
  Last Check on Work assignment  
P8240787 P8240789 P8240792 P8240794 P8240796
  Water & Meals ready to roll  
P8240798 P8240799 P8240801 P8240803 P8240805
  Few buses are next to
 the Family Life Center

End of 10:45 am Access Worship

P8240811 P8240812 P8240816 P8240817 P8240818
The last song of Access Service and The Lead Pastor Mark Ashton remind everyone to Step Out

Final Departure
  ... From south parking lot, next to I_680

P8240825 P8240822 P8240824

Step Out and Serve 2008 - Morning @ Christ Community Church

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