Step Out 08 -  Afternoon on the Radio and in the Field

Step On Logo on White August 24, 2008 -This afternoon, I went with Andre Sims, the Director of Community
 Relations at Christ Community Church, for live promotion of Step Out & Serve 2008
 at KGBI Studios and tour of the North Omaha worksites.  After a fun time at the
 the Block Party at Compass Ministry, I watched the painting of Freedom Church.
Painting North O Home Painting Outside of Freedom Church

Live at KGBI Studios
   Early afternoon Andre Sims did several short live spots on Step Out 2008 from the KGBI Studios.

P8240826 P8240832 P8240835 P8240838 P8240841
Live Radio Spots: Into:20,  Meal & Bus:37,  What is Step out? 2:27,  Interesting Worksite1:23

Car Wash @ Family Fun Center
  Brookside Church were giving free Car & Bike Was at Family Fun Center.

P8240853 P8240842_VertChopped P8240844
Washing a bike ...
... An Van ...
... and a silver Car
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North Omaha Worksites

  ... includes painting a house blue & garage white on Charles Street, an 
  dumper yellow at Franklin Elementary and a house flash on Franklin street.

P8240854 P8240855 P8240858 P8240859 P8240860
P8240861 P8240862 P8240863 P8240866 P8240869
P8240870 P8240871 P8240872 P8240873 P8240876
P8240878 P8240880 P8240883 P8240885 P8240887

Compass Block Party
   Compass Ministry at 33rd & Franklin street held a free neighborhood party for everyone.

P8240888 P8240891 P8240894 P8240895 P8240897
  Music by Freedom Church's Praise & Worship Band - Sample :11
P8240901 P8240911 P8240903 P8240912 P8240913
Cotton candy, Moon walk, Dunk Tank Free Dogs & Chips

Freedom Church Painting
  The external of Freedom Church were painted. It is in the former Hinky Dinky Grocery Store at 30th & Parker.
  New Playground for church daycare were constructed in Back.

P8240916 P8240917 P8240919 P8240920 P8240921 P8240925
P8240930 P8240928 P8240932 P8240935 P8240934 P8240933
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Step Out and Serve 2008 - Afternoon on Radio and in the Field

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