Nebr. Single's Retreat 08 - Sunday

Ment to Live Postcard Sunday September 21st - Today, this great
  singles retreat wrapped up with the small
  groups meeting outdoor and surprise
  picnic lunch in the “Tent Land” RV Park.
Samll group meets outdoor ready to go after lunch Camp Timber Lake Map

Morning  The final morning Worship & Lesson fellows breakfast. 

Breakfast @ Outdoor Pavilion

P9211566 P9211568 P9211571 P9211574 P9211575
Breakfast Fellowship   Dan Reimer & Josh >

Worship & Session Four - @ meeting place With Jeff Dart of Brookside Church.
Music at 9:20 Lesson at 9:50am

P9211578 P9211579 R: Ashley Haer

Worship Photographer
P9211585 P9211586 P9211584 P9211593 P9211594
More Singing Steve & Devon

Small Groups Meet Three - Outdoor at 10:30pm.
  Small groups meet at scatted location from gym deck, meeting place to the Outdoor Pavilion

P9211595 P9211596 P9211597 P9211601 All Packed up
 to leave Camp
P9211600 P9211598 P9211605 P9211603 P9211608
My Group meet on poach of "Front Street" Waiting to Go Dan, Ashley & Olin

Afternoon  My Friend, Jose and I were  ready to leave camp but discovered one of his bag were
 mistaken went to "Tent Land".  We want to "Tent Land" and stayed for the picnic lunch.

"Tent land" Lunch

P9211609 P9211610 P9211611 P9211612 P9211613
Campsite Picnic !! Saying Go bye Ready to Go Home

Nebraska State Wide Single's Retreat 08 - Sunday

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