Nebr. Single's Retreat 08 - Saturday

Ment to Live Postcard Saturday September 20th - Beside the morning
 and evening worship and lessons, I enjoyed the
 afternoon Horse Ride & long walk and the evening
 Hay Rack Ride & Campfire
Obstacle Course Scavenger Hunt Fort Timberlake Slice of the Group Photo Camp Timber Lake Map

Morning Camp-wide personal devotional & Small group Scavenger Hunt follow this morning worship & Lesson.

Day Start & Breakfast

P9201285 P9201288 P9201289 P9201292 P9201293
Fort at sunrise Early morning at Front Street Store Serving Breakfast
P9201291 P9201294 P9201300 P9201299 P9201301
Breakfast Fellowship @ Outdoor Pavilion Ladies & ... ... Men Restroom
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Worship & Session Two - @ meeting place With Jeff Dart of Brookside Church.
Music at 9:20 Lesson at 9:40am

P9201306 P9201307 P9201309 P9201313
Salvation Scan
Listen Again

Camp-wide Devotional Time
  10-11am: Everyone choose their spot at camp to be alone with God – to recharge or recalibrate with God.

P9201318 P9201321 P9201322 P9201324 P9201325 P9201326
Front street
Tree Topper
Keith Brown
  .. Picnic area
Jim Banks
On Fort Timberlake Steps and poach

Small Group Scavenger Hunt
  11-Noon: Each team, where each members are “tie” to their  common rope, go all camp to collect items to go into
   team bag, and do various task including ...

P9201329 P9201332 P9201334 P9201335 P9201336 P9201338
Before the Hunt All "tie' Together My Team ... 10 Push Ups
P9201340 P9201342 P9201343 P9201345 P9201346 Traveling
Sign off a task
... Read Bible
while walking
... Tire obstacle

Afternoon It was free time after lunch. Wide range of activities was available including paintball, adventure
, paddle boats, and sand volleyball. I nap at the Fort, ride a horseand take a long hike.

Lunch @ Noon - Outdoor Pavilion

P9201347 P9201350 P9201351 P9201352 P9201353 Chad
Serving Lunch Waiting for food The Drink Wagon  

Fort TimberLake
   ... Which resemble a real frontier fort, is my sleeping quarters. Towers in the corners and Fort house
    in back are the bunkrooms. The natives are friendly here!!

P9201354 P9201355 P9201356 P9201357 P9201358
The Grounds & towers Open "Gate" From above
P9201359 P9201360 P9201361 P9201362 P9201363
  "Fort House" Tom Kemp on the way out My Bunk

Horse Ride
   There were three backwoods trail horse ride today. My friend Jose want on the (1pm) ride before mine (2pm).
P9201366 P9201368 P9201370 P9201372 P9201373
My Ride "Group" The first ride arrives back at the barn
boots & Helmet
Waiting to mount
P9201376 P9201377
My horse "Toby"
Leaving the Barn
P9201379 P9201382 P9201385 P9201387 P9201395
Thru the woods
Along the Trails
P9201398 P9201399
Almost Over
back at the coral
Taking a drink

My Long Hike
  The rest of Afternoon, I hiked west from the Fort Timberlake, thru “Tent Land”  RV Park to the 
  Little Prayer Chapel and back to Front Street by the way of the adventure Course. See Map >
Camp Timber Lake Map

P9201402 P9201406 P9201407 P9201409 P9201411
Devon Napping & Jody playing with dog... ... at "Tent land"
P9201412 P9201416 P9201414 P9201417 P9201420
The Little Prayer Chapel ... ... at the duck pond
P9201422 P9201424 P9201426 P9201426_HCropped P9201428
Fallen tree W. of ... adventure course
P9201431 P9201432 P9201434 P9201436 P9201437
... with zip line Next,  the paddle boats, Front street & sand Volleyball
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Evening Everyone gather for group picture after dinner.  A peaceful hayrack ride and another great
campfire follows this evening worship & Lesson.  Fort Timberlake looks difference at Night

Dinner @ 5:30pm - Outdoor Pavilion

P9201439 P9201441 P9201443 P9201445 P9201446
Keith Brown - Serving Dinner - Jose Patio Fellowship Over Dinner.

Group Photo @ 6:45 - Next to the Gym

The Group Photo P9201447 P9201449
Group photo & Photographer > On my Left

Worship & Session Three - With Jeff Dart of Brookside Church.
Music at 7:05 Lesson at 7:30 pm

P9201452 P9201454 P9201456 P9201460 P9201461 P9201462

Small Groups Meet Two - in the Gym at 8:15pm

P9201463 P9201464
< Greg Smith
Up in the Loft

Hay Rack Ride
  I rode the rear of the lead hayrack. There were three. Quiet conversation filled the loop ride thru camp:
  From “Front Street”, pass Fort Timberlake, thru “Tent Land” RV park, beyond the Prayer Chapel and back >
Camp Timber Lake Map

P9201476 P9201483 P9201488 P9201489 P9201491
P9201493 P9201497 P9201499 P9201507 P9201511

Campfire Two - In Center of semicircle ring of Tree topper Cabins
  Again tonight, we have live Christian music by Guitar

P9201514 P9201515 P9201519 P9201521 P9201523
P9201524 P9201528 P9201535_Cropped P9201537 P9201539
P9201540 P9201541 P9201543 P9201547 P9201551

Fort TimberLake - under Midnight Moon

P9211555 P9211556 P9211558 P9211562 P9211564

Nebraska State Wide Single's Retreat 08 - Saturday

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