Nebr. Single's Retreat 08 - Friday

Ment to Live Postcard Friday,  September 19th - After the
 trek to camp, everyone gather for the
 first worship, lesson and small group
 time.  A campfire ends this evening.
Chad's Into Worship in full swing Campfile Camp Timber Lake Map

Afternoon About 4pm. dozen or so gather at Westside Church To carpool to Retreat. Between
Lincoln and York, Tom Kemp plays the Harmonica. We make a rest stop west of York.

Waiting for everyone
Pizza Time
P9191178 P9191179
Group Photo
En route to Camp
P9191183 P9191185 P9191186 P9191187 P9191188
Live music At the Goebner Rest Area.  I Read about Purple Heart & Tall Grass Prairie

Evening  After moving into the cabins, the evening was busy with Icebreakers, Worship , Lesson
 Small Groups and the Camp Fire fun .

Drive pass this
sign about 7pm
Check in at
 Front street
P9191193 P9191194
Move into ...
... Fort TimberLake

Meeting Place (Chapel)

  Before 8pm, everyone gather here, for Chad Peterson's Introduction and Ice breaker thenů

P9191197 P9191199 P9191202 P9191203
Kevin, Jeff, Jody
P9191212 P9191214 P9191216 P9191217 P9191218
A word from Chad Ice Breakers:  Return Shoe to their own (left) &
 Line up by birth month with saying a wood (Mid & Right)

Worship & Session One - With Jeff Dart of Brookside Church.
Music at 8:45, Lesson at 9:20 pm

P9191221 P9191231
P9191232 P9191234
P9191236 P9191238 P9191239 P9191241  

Small Groups Meet One - in the Gym at 10pm.

Near Storage
My Group - #11
P9191247 P9191248
Up in the Loft

Campfire One - In Center of semicircle ring of Tree topper Cabins
  Near midnight, live Christian music by Guitar & Drum.

P9191252 P9191253 P9191254
Fire in Action
P9191263 P9191265 P9191266 P9191268 P9191273
P9191274 P9191277 P9191278 P9201279_Hoiz P9201282

Nebraska State Wide Single's Retreat 08 - Friday

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