RR Days 08 - Omaha, Nebraska

Railroads Days "Cow catcher" Logo July 12-13th - After the Council Bluffs visit, Sat,
  Bruening and I viewed the UP equipment at the
  Durham Museum. Sunday Mother and I visited
  Lauritzen Gardens and the Durham Museum .
Model Railroad Garden Indoor - Kid  Contral Layour  Rail Road Flyer

Durham Museum - There were many railroad related
 displays, activates and Crafts here.
Durham Museum

Union Pacific Maintenance of Way Equipment

   They were display on the tracks behind the Museum

6700 Tamper - Yellow
Its settles the rock ballast and
Provides a level & smooth riding track

Air Force #1 - Red
 An track snow blower.
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P7121558 P7121559 P7121560 P7121561

P7121564 P7121565 P7121566 P7121567
   Some thumbnails were rearrange for better presentation.

Lauritzen Gardens - Beside the addition to the Model Railroad Garden, There
were numerous railroad related activates, displays and layouts in the Visitor center.

Model Railroad Garden - 2nd Grand Opening
   The new Lower Garden and Original Garden was designed by landscape Paul Busse of Kentucky-based
   Applied Imagination. It features buildings and bridges of Omaha made of nature material.

P7131589 P7131590 P7131591
This update booklet
has information about
the Garden and its
buildings & Rail Lines
Model Railraod Garden Info Booklet
Upper Railroad Garden - See addition photos from 07 Grand Opening and the Week after.
P7131573 P7131577 P7131579 P7131582 P7131587
P7131588 P7131592 P7131593 P7131598 P7131600
P7131596 P7131605 P7131607 P7131611
Three New Lines

  High Bridge Line
  Busse’ Big Line
  Hidden Loop Line
Lower Railroad Garden - below the Boardwalk
P7131624 P7131620 P7131622 P7131623 P7131575
Behind door controls for the Lower Railroad Garden - Cover seating is across from the Bird Sanctuary
   Some thumbnails were rearrange for better presentation.

Visitor & Education Center
  During my time in the Visitor & Education Center, I heard a song or two in background from the Union
  Pacific Railroad Chorale performance in the Floral display Hall. I have no photos of them this Year.

  Railroad Stamps & UP China - Community Room

P7131626 P7131627_Clipped P7131630 P7131626_Bottom P7131629

Four Model Railroad Layouts - Great Hall

P7131640 P7131631 P7131632 P7131633 P7131634
F.M. & L.G. Modular Railroad – A Division of Nebraska-Iowa Railroaders
P7131638 P7131636
  In respect, it
  is similar to the
  2007 Layout
Kid Control Layout
  Omaha Modular Trains    
zP7130002 zP7130003 zP7130004 zP7130005
TBRT Railroad - is based on T-Track Modular Layouts Their Business Card
At Left:

Printing of the Railroad Garden in the sitting
area between the Floral Hall and Gift Shop

Railroads Days
UP Poster and Lithographs 2006 Model Railraod Garden Grand Opening 2007

Railroads Days 08 - Omaha, Nebraska

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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