Pedestrian Bridge 2nd Crossing

Saturday October 25th - Today, about a month after the Grand Opening of the Bob
  Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge
*, my friend, Jose Patio, and I hiked from the Heartland
  of America Park, over the railroad track & river to a few blocks north on the Council
  Bluffs' Riverfront Trail from the Playland Park's Pedestrian Bridge landing and back.
Parkland Park Plans Sign River behind Lights topic Official: Missouri River Pedestrian Bridge has discussing & photos of the Construction
   *An Wikipedia article

Trek to Iowa

PA250644 PA250647 PA250648 PA250649 PA250650
Over the Railroad Track, under I-480 North toward
Nat'l Park Service Tepee
 & Riverfront place Tower
PA250652 PA250653 PA250654 PA250656 PA250657
Walk under the bridge & Up the Nebraska-side spiral landing Park Service Headquarter Reflection
PA250659 PA250660 PA250661 PA250662 PA250663
  Spiral Reflection Bridge Lights & shadows - North Side
PA250668 PA250669 PA250672 PA250671 PA250671_LED
Nebraska Spiral Iowa Pylon with LED Lighting on top - They are bright, even in daylight
  Iowa Pylons photos were rearranged for better Presentation

Playland Park Landing - "No Where" Council Bluffs

   We walked a few blocks north on the Riverfront Trail from this sign at the Council Bluffs bridge landing.
   The sign shows plans for Playland Park A future place to shop, eat and attending events.

Riverfront Park
Playland Park

Plans Sign
Bridge Landing

Back to Nebraska

PA250677 PA250680 PA250682 PA250683 PA250684
Leaving Iowa Construction pier & boat in air are gone!! "NoDo"Skyline
PA250685 PA250686 PA250687 PA250689 Iowa Pylon 
Shadow plays with Lights
PA250690 PA250691 PA250694 Left: Down the Spiral, pass the
Middle: "Fiber Wave" sculpture tips
Right: & Nebraska Pylon, north to
    Heartland of America Park

Pedestrian Bridge 2nd Crossing

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