Pedestrian Bridge Grand Opening

Sunday September 28th After church, Jose Patio and I went to the Bob Kerrey
  Pedestrian Bridge* Grand Opening Event at Playland Park in Council Bluffs. After a few
  minutes wait in line, we walked across the bridge to the Omaha landing and back. Before
  crossing  the bridge, we visited Omaha Walking Club, Omaha Pedalers, and the
  Playland development booth.  -- It been long wait since "Three Gaps" has been closed.
Omaha Landing topic Official: Missouri River Pedestrian Bridge has discussing & photos of the Construction
   *An Wikipedia article

P9280027 P9280028 P9280031 P9280032 P9280034
Iowa Side - Wait in line to cross Long "overland" walk to the river edge.
P9280035 P9280038 P9280039 P9280040 P9280041
The parachute goes
under the Bridge
Twin Pylons Coming toward and next to Iowa Pylon
P9280042 P9280043 P9280046 P9280048 P9280049
Walk over the river Circling down the Omaha Landing
P9280050 P9280051 P9280052 P9280053 P9280054
"Fiber Wave" sculpture tips & Bridge Deck Back across the bridge to Playland Park
P9280055 P9280056 P9280057 P9280058  
Temporary Construction pier being dismantled  - infamous boat in the air!  

Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge Grand Opening

Based on Gallery by MINO STUDIO

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